The Boys can’t Hang with Oregon Girl

I’ve sometimes wondered what would happen if somehow, a 9-foot behemoth arose from deep in the former Soviet Union. And this individual (lets endearingly call him Vanya) possessed previously unseen athletic ability, not just for a big man, but for any man.

Vanya was taught the game of basketball at an early age and mastered it, then was drafted by an NBA team (though not the Clippers because somehow Donald Sterling would find a way…), which would kickoff Vanya’s reign of terror.

Vanya would dominate unlike any other baller in the history of the “Association”. Averaging a quintuple double (assists, blocks, points, rebounds, steals) season after merciless season, his team taking the championship year after year.

In view of such excellence and athletic prowess, would the NBA have to initiate a measure (no pun intended) to instate a maximum height rule due to Vanya’s dominance?

I know it’s not the exact same scenario, but a 6ft tall 12-year-old girl was barred from playing in a boys league, after doing so for years. Why? Well the official reason is that the league prohibits co-ed teams.

Though others speculate the reason is the abuse she’s heaping on the opposition. For example,

“She scored 30 points,” said Williams [the girl’s mom], who garnered national attention for her daughter’s predicament Thursday after taking the story to the media. “I remember one play. She stole the ball, dribbled up court and made a behind-the-back pass to a teammate. He missed the lay-in, and she grabbed the rebound and put it in. I think it was just too much for some of those parents.”

Read the story of this incredible athlete here,
Beaverton girl told to stop playing on boys team


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