U.S. Navy Projects Power, Mexican Navy hunts sharks

Akula (“shark”) is the NATO code name for a class of Russian submarines (Ivan, of course, calls them something else).

It was the task (among many others) of the U.S. Navy during the Cold War to track these and other Soviet vessels.

The end of the Cold War, I’m sure, did not end such patrols. So while the U.S. Navy projects power around the world and keeps track of the vessels of other nations, the naval forces of my native México are doing what?

Not hunting/tracking Akula-class subs but hunting the real deal: sharks.

That’s right, actual sharks, as in cartilaginous, carnivorous creatures not nuclear-powered Russians subs. Here’s the story,
Mexico Navy hunts for sharks after attacks

One chomps at the bit to know just what La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (The Mexican Defense Department) has in store for fugitive circus lions or el chupacabras.

Oh, what my country is reduced to because we don’t live in an Absolut World

[If you haven’t checked out the riveting PBS series, Carrier, click here]

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