The San Antonio Spurs: Lovable Winners

Houston sports fans (like other fans) have teams that they find easy to dislike. In baseball, it has to be the Cardinals or the Mets, in football it’s going to be the former Oilers, the Tennessee Titans with the Cowboys not far behind.

In the NBA it might be a tossup between the Jazz and the Spurs (at least in my mind). It’s probably the Spurs given the way they have dominated the NBA during the last few years. For a long time Rocket fan might have dangled Houston’s 2 championships in the mid 90s in front of Spurs fan. Not to mention, Hakeem Olajuwon’s schooling of David Robinson during the ’95 playoffs (see below)

But that coupon has long expired given the Spurs’ current run of excellence (Champions in ’99, ’03, ’05, and ’07) during which the Rockets have failed to win a single playoff series.

With all that, for this Rockets fan at least, it is increasingly hard to dislike the current Spurs squad.

Even given some of their players who quite frankly, are hard to like given the reputation of their nationalities. You have a French point guard and an Argentine spark plug coming off the bench.

Are there more maligned nationalities than those 2? One purportedly backs down from challenges (see both World Wars) and the other falls down in feigned offense when challenged (one begins to wonder if flopping is a whole unit in Argentina’s Physical Education curriculum).

Yet, what is there not to like about Parker and Ginobili, 2 guys who leave it all on the court? It’s exciting watching these 2 weave their way in and out of the lane to put up impossible shots, then there are Manu’s dagger-in-the-heart 3-pointers…

Then there’s Tim Duncan who if you weren’t convinced that he is quite possibly the best player in the planet, nails a 3-pointer in Game 1 against the Suns to send the contest into a 2nd overtime (the Spurs won),

And of course, the conductor of this whole show is a guy who isn’t a member of the recycled NBA coach fraternity (whose charter members keep getting jobs despite numerous bouts with futility).

Seriously though, was there any question that they weren’t going to beat the Hornets last night? They’re the Champs and despite having a Frenchman and an Argentine on the team they weren’t going to let an upstart Hornets team eliminate them.

As an old Rockets coach once said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion”. And this is exactly what these Spurs have, which is what makes them lovable winners in my mind.

So whatever it’s worth (especially from a Rockets fan), Go Spurs!

One Response to The San Antonio Spurs: Lovable Winners

  1. JT says:

    Go Spurs Go.

    If the Rockets can stay healthy for a season, they are as good as anybody in the league.

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