“It’s Evolution, Baby!”

So wails Pearl Jam frontman, Ed Vedder, in a track (“Do the Evolution”) from the band’s masterful 1998 release, Yield.


Pre-conversion, I reveled in the song due to the fact that I idolized Mr. Vedder, graphically portrays the evolutionary process,  and especially because it criticizes religious (read: Christian) hypocrites in the lines,

I’m a thief
I’m a liar
There’s my church
I sing in the choir.


If the song isn’t striking enough, the video (crafted by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane) is top-notch and if I may say so, breath taking in its portrayals.

It matches the lyric perfectly and emphasizes the predations of mankind on itself as well as the planet.

Post-conversion, the video remains artistically breathtaking of course, but now I see it with a new set of eyes.

Whether the band or McFarlane wish to accept it, the video explicitly displays the ubiquitous effect of sin on the world we live in.

One Response to “It’s Evolution, Baby!”

  1. Job says:

    I used to LOVE that song, ESPECIALLY the video! So, of course, I clicked on the link to listen to it again. But 15 seconds into it … it just isn’t the same. So I stopped it. Oh well. Jesus Christ is superior.

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