Imagine there’s no People…

I’m not trying to add lines to Mr. Lennon’s pipe dream, but I thought the title apropos in light of the following story:

“Revealed: what the world will look like when we’ve gone”.

Here is the rendition of the city of lights,

paris-in-shambles.jpgIt’s almost like they artist was inspired by the ruins of the Mayan pyramids.

Hey, look on the bright side, nature gets another shot to get it right doesn’t she?

One Response to Imagine there’s no People…

  1. bradwell says:

    My gosh, if there was no people, the world would be so much more peaceful. I think we as humans have trashed and ruined our world from its peaceful state. I think technology just may be going overboard? What do you think? The world in my opinion is slowly self destructing.

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