In case you don’t know who Hannah Montana is…

You can read all about her in this article from the UK’s Daily Mail,
“I won’t become the new Britney, says Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus”

The focus of the story is really of little consequence insofar as my personal preferences are concerned, but I thought a line from the above story to be especially delectable and oh so British. Regarding Miley’s father,

Most famous in Britain for committing heinous crimes against music with the 1992 hit Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus – a huge country music star in America – also plays Hannah Montana’s father Robbie in the show.

Heinous crimes?  Classic…

Thus ends this month’s foray into the world of celebrities.

Interestingly enough Cyrus (the younger) isn’t quoted in the story as saying that she “won’t become the new Britney”.  Sensationalism is indeed, universal.

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