Does the Bible disprove Theism and Christianity?

Oftentimes, people hostile to the things of God will clumsily cite certain Biblical texts to justify their “inability” to believe in either God or His Word.

Ironically enough, sometimes folks who are the most antagonistic towards the Bible often end up being the worst of legalists, requiring certain things from people who have been saved by grace.

The Bible doesn’t set out to prove God’s existence, the text assumes His Existence (What do you expect? It is His Word). Yet, with the contextually-challenged citations listed below, one can see how the gentle reader might be a little confused,

“There is no God.” – Psalm 14:1

“there is no savior…” – Isaiah 43:11

Click here and here to read these texts respectively in their proper context.

4 Responses to Does the Bible disprove Theism and Christianity?

  1. Baekho says:

    I think you’re doing your opponents a disservice by engaging a straw man. The claim isn’t that the Bible “disproves God” as much as it is that the Bible offers a vision of God that is inconsistent with other claims made about God. Key distinction.

  2. Laz says:

    Baekho, your readership and input are much appreciated.

    The post is an attempt to highlight the importance of context not to erect straw men. With disregard for context, one can get God’s Word to say whatever will advance one’s agenda, apparently my attempt at levity went unnoticed.

    As for my “opponents” (using the word loosely given the what the Apostle noted here), the folks I had in mind will cite certain parts of the Old Testament Law (again, with nary a thought to context) to demonstrate that God is a tyrant (the individual I most often engage in conversation uses a harsher word).

    Sorry you didn’t get the point of the post.

  3. ChrisR says:


    I feel you are doing your readers a disservice with this kind of rather trivial post. If you are actually arguing with soneone who would incorrectly rip out this type of short passage to support their position, I think you are wasting your time. To me, it would be better if you had listed some actual argument of your opponent, and then your reasons why you believe their line of thought was taken out of context. { However, it is your blog, and you are free to do as you please. 🙂 }

  4. Laz says:

    Based on my limited experience with the contextually-challenged, it is best to not argue with them. Their minds seem to be made up and any human attempt to even begin to present the opposing view point is greeted with a moody dismissal.

    As I stated in my previous comment, the post was intended as a brief example of the importance of context, nothing more nothing less.

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