“If only I had known…”

From the pen of novelist Tom Clancy,

Of all human lamentations, without doubt the most common is, If only I had known. But we can’t know, and so days of death and fire so often begin no differently from those of love and warmth.

The man might be pigeonholed into a particular genre but his writing cannot be described as subpar.

In perhaps a related note, Tim Ellsworth and jrazz (Blogged Down World) live in Jackson, Tennessee, where earlier this week, tornadoes ripped through parts of the city. Mainly on the campus of Union University where Tim works.

Go check out their blogs for firsthand accounts of these events, as well as info as to how you can help. Praying for you guys and your community.


2 Responses to “If only I had known…”

  1. Christopher says:

    Yes, even Tom Clancy has something to tell us. The novels he writes aren’t exactly great literature. But who among us can boast of the novelistic successes he’s achieved?

  2. j razz says:

    Thanks for the prayers Laz.

    j razz

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