Ryan Tedder on Christian Recording Artists

I had no idea who Ryan Tedder was before reading a piece on him and his band in last Thursday’s Houston Chronicle.

Tedder heads up the band OneRepublic whose single Apologize is apparently a big hit.

Chronicle reporter Joey Guerra’s piece is basically a Q&A between him and Tedder.

In it is revealed that Tedder was raised in a family of missionaries and pastors and is a Christian.

This is that part of the interview,

Q: You were raised by an extended family of missionaries and pastors. Has that played into your music?

A: I got offered a Christian record deal. I’m Christian, I grew up in the church. But I’m not going to tour churches. I was raised in Oklahoma. Tulsa’s like the buckle of the Bible Belt. I grew up in that environment. I was in Nashville for two years, (and) I quickly became friends with probably half a dozen of some of the biggest Christian recording artists. Every single one of them was absolutely miserable with the fact that they were “Christian” recording artists. I saw some stuff in Nashville that turned my stomach. Some of the most pretentious, insecure people I ever met were Christian recording artists.

(emphasis mine)

Pretentious? Insecure? Ouch, I do wonder how accurate these comments are.

How do you feel about so-called Christian music?

[I wonder if Local H (if they’re still around) will write a song including the line, “If I was Ryan Tedder Would you like me any better?”]


11 Responses to Ryan Tedder on Christian Recording Artists

  1. Jigg-O says:

    Im christian. and i have to agree. I grew up in a christian environment. it was cool at first, i met lotsa friends, got close with them and stuff. I was even considered to be one of the heads of the community…

    at around my teens i realized that these people were no different than the people who were living outside the community. they even gossiped about me.

    take it from me. i grew up in that environment. everyone thinks everyone outside their little community is going to hell. and they think they have to ‘save’ everyone who’s on the outside…in a very condescending way too…

    altho thats my expirience. and it might not apply to everyone… but me and ryan prolly saw the same stuff

  2. Laz says:

    Thanks for the comment Jigg-O.

    Do you currently attend church services?

  3. Jigg-O says:

    yup. I still do. im very religious actually. I just accepted the fact that people outside and people inside the community are human, and not everyone can hold up a ‘true christian’ lifestyle.

  4. Laz says:

    Well Jigg we are all very religious, the only difference is what our devotion is to.

    You’re right not everyone can do what Jesus did and lead a sinless life, though this does not open up the floodgates for those of us who are in Christ to as Lewis put it, “sin away my lad”.

  5. Jigg-O says:

    haha. found this blog again =p well, the only thing i really disliked about my community was that it preached: “love everyone!” but it resented people with vices and generally ‘sinners’. so it was as if the people trying to preach God’s love were trying to exlcude ones who needed it the most.

    but christianity in itself is awesome. if you really dig deep into the religion, it is very…um logical.

    and i dont like it when people bash christianity because of the people IN it. saying its retarded and what not. but you can’t blame people for being human and have a natural inclination for mistakes =]

  6. devotedViolet says:

    I think he has made a good decision by not choosing the Christian music recording. We should start spreading God’s love to the people who haven’t heard of it yet. I have heard his music and God kept coming again and again through the lyrics.. I thought it was a coincidence but then yeah, he is given a talent and he is indeed a Christian!

  7. gerry says:

    sorry for medeling here, ok , hi!
    i just found this blog and found it quite interesting cause of the subject of the thread between jigg-O and the author. nice to meet you both guys.
    So,i saw things like that keep happening, and now that i think about it i got to the conclusion that with all their respect, its kind of a social phenomenon. i used to go to christian church, i considered myself a christian because i practically was raised there and went trough almost all my childhood. but since I was very little i was aware of that situation: something didn’t quite fit well between what was said and the behaviors of people in the community, and I’m not talking about gossiping or kids stuff, but about the pastors themselves , and don’t get me wrong that weren’t such bad stuff, not even close, but there was always little something like this(as jigg-o recalls) “sinner” discrimination, or anti tolerance with the “outside world” I was never confortable with that fact, and i was a child like 6 or 7 years old.Not that i think that evil is always present somehow in the world, but through all the time from then to now i kept analyzing that phenomenon and although i donn’t go to church very often anymore, my mom and sisters still do, i keep seeing the same situations over and over, people come and go and i see the same attitude in everyone, and i’m not a kid anymore, i can now discern and make an impartial observation.To begin with, i have to say, I am a very understanding person and I’m aware that everyone is human and make mistakes , Im just studing a common case that actually happens practically between people in christian communities, and personally i would appreciate if anyone told me what do you think. I mean no harm with this comments and nothing really personal-I hope anything i say here not to be misjudged. Now , what i can say about it is, yes, in fact there’s always like a judgmental eye from “christians” to the outsiders. In the first place if you call yourself christian: Jesus talked about how as the same way you judge you’ll be judged by him. second, as jigg-o said, they’re always in the top position in their minds, they seem to think they’re above everyone because they’re “the chosen” and have to save the others: jesus preached that we have to be humble and we are everyone the same, the only difference are the actions.also he says love your neighbor as yourself, by that meaning that don’t do whatever you dont’t want to be done on you. the attitude of discrimination can be harmful for some people, why don’t they picture it otherwise. Another thing i can say, that happened to me was that whenever one has a doubt or some argument about something, one’s always wrong, against their word, so It seems you can never win with christian people, sure we have to run away from evil, but , when you come to the place you think it’ll be a slice of good, you face this. so where to turn to??? researching thru the net I find this particular situation very ubiquitous. what do you think!

    sincerely gerry o.

    • Laz says:

      Thanks for the comment Gerry. This is an open forum where people of different (hopefully) backgrounds and/or experiences can opine so long as the dialogue is kept civil.

      I don’t think the disconnect between walking the walk and talking the talk is restricted to churches. Pick any group, so long as it is composed of human beings, and you’ll see this phenomenon. Another characteristic of groups is to see themselves as “different”. That’s just the way things are, not sure if that’s how should it be but it is what it is. The thing about churches is that you have to look at them like hospitals. They’re a place (ideally) where sick people go to get better. Like hospitals, some are places where patients get well others can be more toxic if precautions aren’t taken. There is no such thing as a perfect church b/c imperfect people are there.

      You have to be careful citing Jesus because if you’re going to bring Him up you have to be ready to accept all his “preaching”. Some of the language He used will make certain people uncomfortable. He talks about loving Him above your own family and even yourself. He says He is the only way to God, again that makes some people uncomfortable, but it is what it is.

  8. hikoi says:

    Ryan Tenner has just finished producing a single with Stan Walker the Australian Idol 2009, who also happens to be a Christian!!! Was released in New Zealand April 9, will be released in Australia on the 12th. I love it, its a perfect fit for Stan, Tenners a very talented guy! Sorry, the quality is not great, its straight off the radio!!

  9. Mark says:

    Being a christian does not mean that you have to do this things and that. The only thing that we need to do is to be a good example to others and to show to them how God love them. I do not mean that you must not to got to church. What I am saying is that being a christian is being Christ like, you can’t be a christian because of your family, not because of your friends and etc.

  10. The Talented Mr. Ween says:

    Christian music? mostly against. I know a lot of Christian bands and Christians with bands that are not “Christian bands”, and the latter generally have better morals and better messages… Such as, The Fray, and Switchfoot…

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