Words from a “Female male chauvinist”

Found this fascinating article in the Daily Mail,

“I’m a FEMALE male chauvinist – and proud of it: In a deeply provocative confession, one woman defies the sisterhood”

Though not her stated intent the writer will undeniably ruffle a few feathers, though this need not be the case if her argument is looked at as objectively as possible.

She manages to critique current presidential hopeful, Senator Hillary Clinton,

Why, for example, aren’t the women of America bulldozing all opposition and sending Hillary Clinton to the White House as the first credible female candidate in history?

Could it be that Mrs Clinton’s mannish trouser suits and selfaggrandising, policy-driven speeches smack of the masculine touch – and what heterosexual woman wants fake machismo in power?

The writer ends her column with what some might perceive as ghastly and appalling words,

The fact is that when we women are tired, weak, compromised, in need of sympathy and vulnerable, nothing beats the strong arm of male capability and its implied protection.

There always should be and will be female soldiers, surgeons, airline pilots, world leaders.

To these highly skilled and talented women, I salute your success. But perhaps I’m even more grateful to those who don’t get right to the top.


31 Responses to Words from a “Female male chauvinist”

  1. Cody says:

    Eh, it’s her opinion. She’s perfectly entitled to it, and I have to applaud her for being straight about it, especially considering how such views are generally looked down upon these days.

  2. Chris M. Ferguson says:

    People keep smacking Clinton down and I don’t get it. Many men don’t like her because she’s simply a woman. Many men are afraid of women deep down. Women outnumber men so yeah, they should fear them. I don’t. I love women and there’s nothing more empowering than a woman in power, e.g. Clinton.

  3. vintagefan says:

    Pretty much full of contradictions…doesn’t have issues with female success but doesn’t want women to reach the top. Weird…

  4. misawa says:

    My issues with Clinton have nothing to do with the her being female. She could wear a girly sundress and I could care less; at the end of the day her feminine ways won’t change her politics.

  5. Timm says:

    We had a very simular conversation over at J Razz’s blog. Here’s what I wrote there:

    I’m in a unique situation when it comes to this topic. The most “sexist” person in my family is my wife. She doesn’t believe that a woman belongs in the workplace, let alone the presidency.

    I give a little more slack than her, but My beliefs lie some what along the same lines. I believe that God made Men and Women differently. With different general strengths and weaknesses.

    Here’s where I differ from my Wife. Hillary’s child is grown up and out of the house. My wife would tell you that Hillary should then stay home and take care of Bill. I think that Bill is a big boy and can take care of himself. Hillary has some room now to pursue her own career endeavors. Not that I would vote for her.

    Am I a male chauvinist?

  6. j razz says:

    Carrying over from your post on my blog Timm, I still think that Hillary’s main goal should be to see to it that she upholds her end of the marriage. She is to meet the needs of her husband. Her husband also has the same goal but it is also his responsibility to provide for the family (understood they could go without working and still be fine until they both die).

    Here is where I would have a problem if my wife and I were in this situation (which we wouldn’t be). If my wife was placed in charge of this entire country, I, as her husband, would be in a position of subservience to her. This is not the model of the husband/wife relationship as laid out in scripture. She would feel akward knowing this as well. She would be in a position of authority over many many men in the armed forces, in government positions, etc. She would be very uncomfortable in this position as she understands scripture to teach that she is the weaker vessel and she understands submission as it is portrayed biblically.

    j razz

  7. Timm says:

    That’s an angle that I hadn’t even thought about yet J. well put. I might knit-pick the state ment, “she is the weaker vessel.” That is to say the wife is not the weaker vessel. She just has a different role than the husband.

  8. j razz says:

    Timm, I don’t understand your statement concerning the weaker vessel. It states that biblically, therefore it is a biblical truth.

    j razz

  9. zombie z says:

    Oh, so the writer thinks she’s original?

    There have been MORE than one book written on this exact topic…. there’s actually one called “Female Chauvinist Pigs.” Pleeeease.

    She takes the stance to be seen as cool & non-threatening by teh menz.


  10. Timm says:

    statement retracted.

  11. j razz says:

    Wow. My respect for you has grown Timm. No argument. No “well, I meant _____ when I was saying _____.” It is a great and good thing when two people can have a common foundation upon which they can build their world view; namely scripture. Thanks.

    j razz

  12. osipov says:

    I get a little confused with the pants issue . . . when did it become okay for women to dress in men’s clothes but not okay for men to dress in women’s clothes??

  13. Timm says:

    Hey, I’m in the business of making a case FOR the Bible, not AGAINST it. You show me where the Bible says it and I’ll buy it, (as long as you’re not taking it out of context.) Thanks for the kind words. It’s nice when you’re not belittled or made to feel stupid for conceding a point.

  14. kimita says:

    can a woman chime in?? i, as a woman, do not believe hillary should be in the position of president. MOST (i emphasize because i know not all) women are controlled emotionally and it very difficult to change this. i know. BUT as a christian woman, i am constantly relying on Christ to work through me so that i make decisions based upon biblical truth (proverbs is a GREAT book to study if you’re trying to do this.) but can we say that hillary is christian and is truly following God’s plan and will for her life according to the bible? she hasn’t said it publicly that i know of so i am prone to say no.

    therefore, i believe, no matter what politics hillary espouses (which i don’t agree with many of her current ones), she will not be a good president simply because she is a woman. i do believe women have a place a society and they have made great strides. i also believe that after a women has raised her children, she is still called to be a mom and wife and homemaker but if she has extra time could pursue a career if it doesn’t interfere with her godly roles. i am a wife, mother and part-time writer and days can be tough. however, i work from home and know that is the place i am to be with my son who is only 2. but hillary’s children are grown so she does have free time to pursue something else (volunteer work, work, hobbies, etc.) while maintaining her female roles.

    finally let me end with some great quotes from elisabeth elliot about God’s design for men and women:

    “It was God who made us different, and He did it on purpose. Recent scientific research is illuminating, and as has happened before, corroborates ancient truth which mankind has always recognized. God created male and female, the male to call forth, to lead, initiate and rule, and the female to respond, follow, adapt, submit. Even if we held to a different theory of origin, the physical structure of the female would tell us that woman was made to receive, to bear, to be acted upon. to complement, to nourish.”

  15. zombie z says:

    I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to be on the internet sharing your stupid womanly opinions, either. Get back to the kitchen & child-raising — you aren’t needed here.

  16. Kimita says:

    zombie – i actually was just in the kitchen serving my husband dinner after he came home at 10 pm! are you spying on us? i do enjoy hanging out in the kitchen and raising my son, but the internet is a fun place to be too. and like a (male) pastor of mine said one time – our opinions are like armpits – we have two of them and they stink. have a good night!

  17. Timm says:

    I’m not sure if that was a joke or not, Zombie, but I didn’t find it particularly amusing.

  18. fourthplace says:

    okay i’m finally up. http://fourthplace.wordpress.com/

  19. Suikoden26 says:

    This thread is revolting! Nobody here has a sane opinion!

  20. Laz says:

    Suikoden, would you care to elaborate and/or cure some of the so-called insanity?

  21. kimita says:

    What a paradox, suikoden…your opinion is that none on here have a sane opinion! Quite clever…

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  23. Alexandra Erin says:

    Women are more ruled by emotions than men? Riiiiiiiiiiight. When a man raises his voice (or his fist), I suppose it’s just a result of their God-given reason telling them it’s time to take the lead and not anger or passion.

    “God made us different.” doesn’t begin to cover it… the world doesn’t consist of just Man and Woman, it consists of six billion individual people. If you want to talk about Senator Clinton’s qualifications, kimita, look at her as a person… don’t look at your silly, emotional, afraid-to-think-an-original-thought-lest-you-lose-your-seat-on-the-heaven-express self in the mirror and decide that you represent allw omen.

    But of course, your opinion’s academic, because you won’t be voting in the election, will you? That’s for men to do. You’ll just adapt and submit to whatever the rest of us decide.

  24. Laz says:

    Thanks for your input,

    The tone of your comment answered your initial question in the affirmative.

    When one submits to name-calling and baseless assumptions, what else can that be chalked up other than emotionalism?

    Reason is usually the first casualty of emotionalism as you so aptly demonstrated.

  25. kimita says:

    I would like to say one more thing – the feminist movement allowed women to have a more prominent voice in society and freely express their opinion. What makes my opinion, the opinion of a woman, not as worthy as any other “feminist’s” opinion? If I am allowed the same “rights” as a woman, to speak my mind, then my opinion is equally important and valuable whether anyone agrees.

  26. j razz says:

    Looks like someone stirred up a bee’s hive!

    It is hard for me to imagine a woman (who believes women should be out making a name for themselves) telling another woman that her opinion of a presidential candidate is not worthy of being an opinion and then talking down to her like she is lesser than a person. Seems almost like she is against the very thing that she would hold to: feminism. Oh the irony.

    j razz

  27. zombie z says:

    Aww poor fundies aren’t familiar with the concept of sarcasm. How unfortunate. Carry on twittering amongst yourselves.

  28. Laz says:

    Resorting to name-calling doesn’t really help your cause, whatever that may be.

    It might work in grade school (even college) but unfortunately in adult discourse it quite doesn’t cut it.

    It might help you if you looked up the meaning of,
    1. Straw-man argument
    2. Ad hominem argument

  29. zombie z says:

    Sorry Laz, I didn’t realize I was involved in intelligent discourse here. Looked like there was a lot of talk about the Bible and What God Says.

  30. Laz says:

    Zombie, you’re really not helping yourself in any way.

    What do you think of Jesus?

  31. Kimita says:

    Zombie – Glad to see you capitalizing those words that are necessary to be capitalized! By the way, I did see some sarcasm in Alexandra’s comment (to whom I was primarily directly my last comment) but have to agree with Laz that it was mostly emotionally-driven. Just to prove my first point quite nicely…

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