LSU wins another Faux Championship

WARNING: Incoming rant

I don’t like LSU and I don’t even know why. I went to Texas so it has little to do with any rivalry issues (the ‘Horns thumped the Tigers last time they met back in the 2003 Cotton Bowl).

Maybe it has to do with a certain local sports radio personality who might be the biggest LSU homer this side of the folks who never attended LSU. At least he’s from Louisiana, and his wife went to LSU, I guess that counts for something.

Perhaps it’s due to their multiple of 5’s + “Rocky III” themed field (see below)


I know, I know it’s because they share the same colors as McAllen High, yeah that must be it.

Whatever my demented and irrational reason(s), I do believe congratulations are in order to the LSU Tigers for winning another BCS Championship title game in which they (arguably) had no business participating in.

Ruminating on the previous post might do me well…


3 Responses to LSU wins another Faux Championship

  1. osipov says:

    Why do you say LSU had no business participating in this game?

  2. Laz says:

    Probably because of the whole 2-loss bit, but in greater part because of this homerific notion that anyone other than the ‘Horns has no business participating in this game.

    Like I said Os, not very rational, lol…

    Seriously though this year was a wild and woolly one in college football. If last night’s game showed anything it was that OSU was probably the one that didn’t belong.

    You a Tiger?

  3. Verne says:

    I am by no means an LSU fan. As a loyal Penn State fan I enjoyed watching OSU get thumped. To make it even better as supporter of the Kentucky Wildcats they can say they beat the national champions.

    I was also glad that LSU won it as a 2 loss team. I think that this gives even more reason for some type of playoff system.

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