John Piper on the manifestations of Pride

Currently reading through John Piper’s classic, “Desiring God” and thoroughly enjoying it.

Here’s Dr. Piper’s insightful take on pride,

The nature and depth of human pride are illuminated by comparing boasting with self-pity. Both are manifestations of pride.

Boasting is the response of pride to success.

Self-pity is the response of pride to suffering.

Boasting says, “I deserve admiration because I have achieved so much.”

Self-pity says, “I deserve admiration because I have sacrificed so much.”

Boasting is the voice of pride in the heart of the strong.

Self-pity is the voice of pride in the heart of the weak.

Boasting sounds self-sufficient.

Self-pity sounds self-sacrificing.

Though Piper’s words might not be as elegant as CS Lewis’, it can be truly said that Dr. Piper no canta mal las rancheras.

7 Responses to John Piper on the manifestations of Pride

  1. j razz says:

    Seeing how my 2 years of high school spanish did nothing for my fluency in spanish, I plugged the last portion of your statement concerning Piper’s statement in an online translator. These are the results in context: “it can be truly said that Dr. Piper does not it sing badly the station wagons.

    Makes since to me šŸ™‚

    j razz

  2. Laz says:

    LOL, it’s a figure of speech which roughly means that the subject is not half bad.

    As a native speaker, I’ve found online translators to be grossly inaccurate so if you ever need translation help let me know.

    What the figure of speech literally means is “[the subject] doesn’t do a bad job of singing rancheras [a Mexican musical genre]”.

    Sorry I guess some explanation was warranted in the post.

  3. j razz says:

    I may take you up on the offer. I have a couple of hispanic friends that live here in my area that I usually rely on for those tasks. He is Puerto Rican and she is Cuban… somehow they married and get along! About 3 months back I had a couple of letters I needed translated into spanish to send out to a couple clients. I plugged it into the same online translator and sent tha to them for their review. They noted a few places of correction and said overall it made sense. The website is in case you were curious.

    Anyways, back to the post. It is always good to put yourself in check when it comes to pride (in both aspects). I recently finished a book called Humility by C.J. Mahaney. It really helped to put me in my place and consider what it is that truly pleases God. My pride was definitely not it. The book is not a cure all nor is it something that will change you, but if your heart is one ready to be changed, it sure is a good primer.

    Have a good day Laz.

    j razz

  4. misawa says:

    I used World Lingo a good bit when writing Spanish papers in college, but mostly to check conjugation and subject agreement errors. Those of us in the “advanced” classes would help the professor grade the elementary and intermediate papers; you could always tell the ones that were written in English and then translated.

    She would throw anybody out of class if they came in and said “Me llamo es Robert.” šŸ˜‰

  5. MRWBBIII says:


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