The Brut Sun Bowl? Beelieve it!

Needless to say, found myself drawn to college football on this sunny New Year’s Eve. With the absence of cable in our household, the only game available for this college football fan’s viewing pleasure is the Brut Sun Bowl which pits the Oregon Ducks against the South Florida Bulls.


Don’t laugh at the matchup, mid-season this was beginning to look like a possible national title game then a) the Oregon O-line had to open their mouths on the Jim Rome Show and b) South Florida remembered that they are, well South Florida.

I post this with the game in-progress since the outcome means precious little to this Longhorn fan, but some observations:

1) When did South Florida fans start rooting for the ‘Horns? Sorry Bulls fans only one school can have that handsign and it’s not yours.

2) Interesting how the game’s sponsor doesn’t get mentioned by the team calling the game or sideline reporter Sam Ryan (watch any other bowl game and listen for how often the sponsor gets mentioned).

3) A mohawk only looks cool if your team is winning

4) How in the world does this game get picked up by CBS while the Holiday Bowl is relegated to ESPN?

5) Wonder if part of the swag was a bottle or 2 of Brut 33 (Oh the memories…)


4 Responses to The Brut Sun Bowl? Beelieve it!

  1. Luke says:


    Now I’m taking this post with a grain of salt. I’m a Duck fan who has been through one HECK of a season this year and am a little touchy. I enjoy your blog (Big 12 bias and all) and am trying to catch up on posts from the holidays when I ran across this one about my boys.

    I just wanted to correct something you said “then a) the Oregon O-line had to open their mouths on the Jim Rome show” as if that contributed to their fall from #2. The reason that they fell apart was that Dennis Dixon tore one of his knee ligaments against Arizona State. If he wasn’t injured, I honestly believe that they would have been playing Ohio State in the Superdome with 1 loss on the season.

    Here’s a link to a local paper where Kendall (one of the O-Linemen) explains everyone’s misinterpretation of his comments on the Jim Rome show:

  2. Laz says:

    I thank you for your readership (and kind words) and since I’m no college football expert I expect you to take what I say on the matter with a grain of salt.

    To be sure Dixon’s injury derailed your Ducks’ run at the title game and my mention of the Rome incident was done very tongue-in-cheek. I don’t believe in jinxes so therefore I don’t actually believe that Kendall’s (thanks for the name, couldn’t recall) words had any effect on the season, though I would argue that South Florida did remember that they were South Florida šŸ™‚

    A similar situation happened last year with the ‘Horns. ABC analyst Doug Flutie said before the Texas-KSU game that the only way the Wildcats could beat the ‘Horns was for them to knock then superfrosh QB Colt McCoy out of the game.

    Well on the first drive, McCoy suffered a stinger (knocking him out of the game) and quite frankly hasn’t been the same ever since. It could be argued that this derailed the ‘Horns shot at the title game last year, and in fact some blamed Flutie for what happened.

    Blaming Flutie for that is as foolish as blaming Kendall’s “shot-calling” on what happened to the Ducks’ promising season against Arizona.

    Anything come of Colleen Belloti’s rant against that sportswriter? I blogged about that incident here.

  3. Luke says:

    Thank for the response, Laz! I’m no college football expert either, but I was just happy that someone outside of the Pacific NW and/or South Florida was tuned into the game!

    I remember the Texas/KSU game. Rough loss. I don’t remember Flutie’s comment, but I’m not surprised at the reaction. I don’t believe in jinxes, curses, or luck either (or I should I say I put my belief in someone more powerful and personal than superstition) but it certainly does seem like things never seem to work out correctly for people foolish enough to grandstand in the public square, as some of these athletes do. But blaming Flutie is laughable. I live on the NorthSide of Chicago (former home of Steve Bartman) so I hear my fair share of blaming others for a team’s collapse(s).

    I haven’t heard anything further about Ms. Belloti’s confrontation. It’ll probably be resolved behind closed door and Canzano will be asked to “play nice”. Great correlation between Lewis and that situation! Very discerning.

    I enjoy reading, Laz. Hope you are having a good start to the New Year!

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