Anything for Hannah Montana Tickets

This story is somewhat beyond belief but not entirely due to the Hannah’s fanatical following:

“‘We Never Said This Was A True Story’
Hannah Montana Concert Winner Wrote Untrue Essay On Dad’s Death”

I initially heard about this on the local news and truth be told when the mother was confronted (on camera) about the lie by a reporter she did what most every human being does when caught in a lie: mutter incomprehensibly, avoid eye contact, duck, and dodge.

Here is the essay according to the above story,

My daddy died this year in Iraq. I am going to give my mommy the Angel pendant that daddy put on mommy when she was having me. I had in in my jewelry box since that day. I love my mommy.

2 Responses to Anything for Hannah Montana Tickets

  1. Noel D says:

    Hannah was the best concert i have been to, and the Jonas brothers rule to.

    Miley Cyrus Fan.

  2. Laz says:

    Noel (given that you’re not a bot),
    thanks for the comment and I hope you didn’t pay too much for those tix

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