Shinya Yamanaka on Embryonic Stem Cells

Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka was recently featured in a piece in the New York Times,

“Risk Taking Is in His Genes”.

Dr. Yamanaka does research on stem cells and according to the piece,

Last month, his was one of two groups of researchers that independently announced they had successfully turned adult skin cells into the equivalent of human embryonic stem cells without using an actual embryo.

I don’t believe the good doctor can be accused of being an ignorant rube, yet one of his remarks from the story reveals a viewpoint often attributed to folks who are portrayed as such or as religious zealots with nothing better to do than to stifle so-called scientific progress by opposing embryonic stem cell research.

Here is what Yamanaka said,

“When I saw the embryo, I suddenly realized there was such a small difference between it and my daughters,” said Dr. Yamanaka, 45, a father of two and now a professor at the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences at Kyoto University. “I thought, we can’t keep destroying embryos for our research. There must be another way.”

Most interesting…

10 Responses to Shinya Yamanaka on Embryonic Stem Cells

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  2. Timm says:

    “..folks who are portrayed as such or as religious zealots with nothing better to do than to stifle so-called scientific progress by opposing embryonic stem cell research.

    I’m glad to see you call it “so called scientific progress,” Since to the best of my knoledge, not one single scientific breakthrough has been discovered through embrionic stem cell research. Forgive me for sounding like a reliogous zealot, but it seems to me that it’s just another excuse to play God with Human life.

  3. osipov says:

    And it’s not “playing” God when we go to all kinds of tests and procedures to conceive a baby?? It seems that so many folks that are against stem cell research are all for doing whatever it takes. Seems like the same to me.

  4. Timm says:

    Forgive my ignorance. I’ve never done any research on what exactly goes into medically assisted conception. Does it involve creating human life and then destroying it? If so, I’m against it.

  5. osipov says:

    No, it doesn’t involve “creating life and destroying it.” It involves adultery and fornication, it’s just not as obvious. I was only addressing the idea of “playing God.” Too may “evangelicals” want to play God when it suits their agenda. I was simply pointing out the inconsistency – not preaching.

  6. Timm says:

    I’m not seeing the parralel between Medically assisted conception and andultry/fornication. Even if you had to use a donor due to the man being sterile, are not adultry and fornication both sexual acts and not the act of implanting an egg? Where is your biblical backing for this claim?

  7. Laz says:

    I thought you were referring to certain assisted reproductive technologies in which multiple embryos are produced and most of them destroyed.

    I figured the inconsistency would be in “pro-lifers” not batting an eye when it comes to these kinds of procedures. The point would be further aggravated if an infertile “pro-life” couple going in for these kinds of treatments because they were unable to conceive naturally, and not raising any objections to their embryos being destroyed.

    As far as “evangelicals” playing God when it suits their agenda, sadly this is the predicament of all of fallen humanity.

  8. osipov says:

    Implanting someone’s (other than the husband) sperm into a woman is wrong. Why does the sexual act have to be involved?? We are normally quick to agree on the “lusting” and committing adultery in the heart. This doesn’t involve the sex act.

    The ONLY point I was trying to make revolved around the “playing God” comment. The way I see it, we begin “playing God” when we go to such extremes to conceive. It is possible there’s a reason a couple is unable to have a child.

  9. Laz says:

    No argument there Os

  10. Timm says:

    I’m on the fence about calling that playing God. To the point of it being adultery, I’m not so sure. Lusting and committing adultery in the heart are spoken of in the Bible. This is not. I suppose you could make a case for Adultery, but certainly not for Fornication. For that matter, even the case for adultery would have too many holes to convince anyone that it truly is a sin. If it’s not clearly forbidden in the bible, shouldn’t we leave it up to ones conscience.

    Or can you show me where it is clearly forbidden in the Bible?

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