High Doltage: Guarantees in Sports


This post is in honor of all those souls who have guaranteed a victory in sports. From athletes such as Steelers’ safety Anthony Smith who predicted his team would beat the New England Patriots, and my brother in Christ, Lions QB Jon Kitna who guaranteed his squad would post 10 wins this season.

To fans such as yours truly who in August (yeah August) informed an Aggie co-worker that the ‘Horns would “kill” the Aggies the day after Thanksgiving (oops!).

Mr. Smith forgot that he’s a backup DB, Kitna forgot that he plays for the Lions and I forgot that Greg Davis is still the Longhorns’ Offensive (this being the operative term) Coordinator.

Found this article titled,
“The Life of Guarantors”

2 Responses to High Doltage: Guarantees in Sports

  1. jasonk says:

    I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with a player guaranteeing a victory. Fans are different–we sit back and watch. When I am certain my team will win, is when my team loses. That’s why I never bet. If I bet on my team to win, we will surely lose.
    The media go crazy when a player for a team guarantees a win. Several years ago when Oklahoma State hired a new coach, he said that his goal was to get the Cowboys to the place where they win national championships. The national media, and the local media for that matter, laughed, saying his goals were unrealistic. Why? What do you expect these people to say? “Yeah, we’re going to get PUMMELED by the Pats this Sunday.” Or a new coach to say, “We’re going to win four, maybe five games, we’re going to lose one that you think we will win, and we are going to win one you think we should lose. And we are going to significantly underacheive.”
    I can defintely agree with your assessment that your horns suck this year (okay, I know you didn’t say that, but I had to). But I think that the press has been too hard on that Steeler DB. He was just doing what we expect him to–believing in his team, and in his mates, to come through for the win.
    Good thoughts.

  2. Laz says:

    Thanks for checking in Jason, long time no see.

    I don’t think anyone has a problem with guarantees, that is until the guarantor’s prediction does not come to pass.

    Frankly the Patriots probably would have trounced the Steelers even if Smith hadn’t said anything. Every guy on the Steelers’ roster should think that they’re going to win as for saying it to the press, well that’s another matter.

    The ‘Horns had me worried since the first game of the season against Arkansas State (Arkansas State!). You know it’s going to be a long year when you only beat a team by 7 points that you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to come into your yard to get trounced.

    Tell you what, I’ll take a “bad year” of 9 wins than a “bad year” of the John Mackovic era (I was there when the ‘Horns went 4-7). Though the possibility that Mack Brown is an iteration of Lloyd Carr has some of us worried.

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