Homeschooled Tim Tebow makes Heisman History

Though I’m an alum (and thus a fan) of the University of Texas, I’m a big fan of Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow, and apparently so are the folks who vote on the Heisman Trophy,

“Florida’s Tebow wins Heisman”

Tebow became the first sophomore to win the coveted trophy, and let’s face it how can he not when he did something even the legendary Vince Young didn’t do, that is pass and rush for at least 20 TDs.

The article linked above though lists some things which made me a Tebow fan.

For example during his acceptance speech Tebow said,

“God truly blessed me and this just adds on. It’s an honor. I’m so happy to be here.”

The article also lists some facts about Tebow’s life,

Homeschooled by missionary parents who run an orphanage in the Philippines, Tebow took advantage of a Florida state law to play for Nease [High School], about 90 miles from the University of Florida campus.

Tebow has worked and preached at his parents’ orphanage since he was 15. He regularly speaks at schools and delivered his message of faith at a prison in Florida earlier this year.

May God continue to bless this young man in his endeavors.

5 Responses to Homeschooled Tim Tebow makes Heisman History

  1. Herman says:

    He is an awesome young man. Given what is happening to many players in the NFL today, you wish that a cool kid like this can come along and be a light in the darkness. God bless him.

  2. Laz says:

    Herman, thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

    What I find it interesting when a person like Tebow comes along, that is a person who is highly successful at what he does (and thus highly admired by many) and very vocal about his faith in Christ, is the fact that those who look up to Tebow sometimes wish he’s be bit less vocal about his convictions.

    When it is those convictions which buttress the very qualities they admire in him.

  3. gators411 says:

    I read this on a site about Tim
    how it has shaped his goals in life.

    “Every day I live is to honor God more,” Tebow said to a full grandstand behind the green.

    While the testimony is usually given by a golfer — Jonathan Byrd was the guest last year — Tebow’s local prominence and his connection to Fellowship of Christian Athletes made the partnership work. His brother, Robby, recently became director of the North Florida chapter of FCA.

    “With the popularity of Timmy, we just felt it was a natural,” said Jim Esary, director of the FCA Golf Ministry. “It was a nice fit. It worked out real well.”

    Its so great with all the BS about Vic and other players, I hope that the NCAA and NFL acknowledge someone who is doing good.

    Good Luck Gators

    Tim Tebow fan forever!

  4. Neil Aquino says:

    As long as people pay all taxes due to support public schools, I don’t care where anybody goes to school.

  5. hogfan says:

    I am from Arkansas so naturally I was rooting for DMAC to win the Heisman, but after I heard Tim Tebow give his testimony I knew it was much more than a award ceremony. It was a GOD THING. Even though I am a hog fan I am a CHRISTIAN first. I believe Tim will use his stardom to spread the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST. GOD bless you Tim . I am praying for you.

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