Hugo Chavez is an Indian

King Juan Carlos of Spain had the chutzpah to do what many have wanted to do, tell Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to “shut up”. I believe the King’s exact words were “¿Por qué no te callas?” [Why don’t you shut up?]

Look, I’m not advocating for this kind of outburst even if someone has it coming like Chavez certainly has for a long time, Hollywood celebrities and American ex-Presidents groveling at his feet notwithstanding.

Nor am I here to criticize Chavez’ policies or rants against the current American administration. Far be it for me to do this seeming how it is a cardinal sin for a Mexican to criticize the leader of another Latin American country. After all we are led to believe that Señor Castro is a saint and Cuba’s woes are the fault of the Norteamericanos.

Forget the fact that the only thing that unites Mexicans and Venezuelans is Spanish heritage, for the native populations of both countries are different. Which brings me to the main thrust of this post.

Naturally, Mr. Chavez was not thrilled with the King’s request and thus has demanded an apology from the monarch,

“Chavez demands apology from Spain’s king”

Now a quote from Chavez was of utmost interest to me,

Chavez claims he neither saw nor heard the king, as he (Chavez) was addressing Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero at the Ibero-American summit.

“If I had heard him … I would have stared him down like an Indian, because I am an Indian and a little bit black and white,” he said.

Stared him down like an Indian? Someone should inform El Presidente how effective the Indians were in defeating the Spanish Conquista of the Americas.

The fact that Chavez said this in Spanish gives testimony to how effective the Indians were.

6 Responses to Hugo Chavez is an Indian

  1. Another NDN Not Fooled by White Racists says:

    How many Indians are there north of the Rio Grande compared to south of it?

    So I’d say the Indians in Latin America were pretty darned effective in surviving gneocide.

  2. Laz says:

    True but that doesn’t change the fact that Spanish is still the primary language spoken in Latin America.

  3. Christian says:

    Language does not determine racial makeup.

  4. Cochise says:

    How about completely effective, since the vast majority of deaths were due to infectious disease spread, and the majority of combat deaths were inflicted by other Indians, the Tlaxcalan defeat of the Aztecs being the quintessential example? At least American Spanish dialects have absorbed indigenous loanwords. Old Castilan is essentially a combination of evolved Latin and Moorish Arabic, with the native Iberian loanwords mainly being Euskara (Basque). So maybe Juan Carlos should be bowing to Berlusconi and the Arab League.

  5. Wherever humans appear, destruction follows. Our species is bent on destruction. However, some forms of human destruction are extremely cruel and such is the story of any colonial conquest as it literally implies an intensified “rape” of natural resources, local inhabitants and the very earth itself. Anyone who still conserves the remnants of sanity must have some sympathy for the victims of such actions. Chavez and all of the rest must be seen in an historical context and not in any other. Concerning this episode, time has proved that the Spanish Monarch contines to act out of line and is losing his credibility at an alarming rate.

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