Francis Collins Makes UVA Graduates Squirm

About a month or so ago I was at Barnes & Noble and perused through a copy of Dr. Francis Collins’ book, “The Language of God”.

The good doctor is not only a world-class scientist but a devout Christian who sees no conflict between science and the Christian faith. I’ve blogged about him here.

While I still disagree with his take that Genesis 1 and 2 is not to be taken literally, his Biologos model deserves examination if anything because of his excellence as a scientist.

He covers it in the book, which is where I first ran across the model. I hope to write a couple of posts about Biologos in the near future, based on a couple of interviews Dr. Collins gave.

For now I want to quote something he said in a commencement speech at the University of Virginia back in 2001,

Decision number two: Well, this is the one that makes people squirm. What are you going to do about faith? Uh oh, not that one. But can there be any more important questions than these: How did we all get here? What is the meaning of life? How is it that we know deep-down inside what is right and wrong and yet rarely succeed in doing what is right for more than about thirty minutes? What happens to us after we die?


2 Responses to Francis Collins Makes UVA Graduates Squirm

  1. Timm says:

    kudos to Dr. Collins for challenging a age group that needs to be challenged. They need to study this stuff and luckilly anyone who looks at the cold hard facts should come to conclusion that christianity is the only answer.

    Wouldn’t it have been cool to see him deliver a full blown gospel message to the thousands of kids there?

  2. Luke says:

    I was privileged to see Dr. Collins speak at my sister’s Georgetown commencement this past spring. Not only is he a gifted scientist and a man of God, but after his speech, he pulled out a guitar and sang a hilarious song for the graduating class! If you ever get a chance to see him speak, check it out.

    As Francis Schaeffer and others have said, there is no sufficient cause that faith and reason should be mutually exclusive inspirations. Wr are meant to use both our faith and our reason to discover and augment our belief in God, and Dr. Collins sets a great example how that might be done.

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