Ignorance is Bliss to Philip Pullman

Caught this quote from Brent Bozell’s most recent column, “The Christmas-Crushing Movie”,

But buyer beware: Narnia it’s not. It’s the anti-Narnia. Instead of a Christian allegory, it’s an anti-Christian allegory. The author of “The Golden Compass,” Philip Pullman, is an atheist who despises C. S. Lewis and his much-beloved Narnia series. “I thought they were loathsome,” he said of those books, “full of bullying and sneering, propaganda, basically, on behalf of a religion whose main creed seemed to be to despise and hate people unlike yourself.”

As someone who immensely enjoys reading Lewis’ works (to my detriment I’ve had little exposure to the Narnia series), I might be just get a bit biased when my literary hero gets lambasted like that.

What is odd about Pullman’s words is his erroneous description of Christianity. I want to believe that his false impression is a result of ignorance (not having examined the claims of Christ) instead of a willful misrepresentation or interpretation of Christ’s teachings.

5 Responses to Ignorance is Bliss to Philip Pullman

  1. New in Christ says:

    Maybe you can help me out on this. I’m fairly new to Christianity, but I am very enthusiastic about learning. It’s already brought much peace to my life. My sister argues with me any chance she gets, and this is one topic that she’s been testing me with lately. She asks me why we, as Christians, believe that the Golden Compass and the Harry Potter books are evil, yet support the Lord of the Rings as works that are “good”. She says that the kids in Harry Potter celebrate CHristmas each year. The Golden Compass emphasizes the importance of being good and your soul. And Lord of the RIngs is full of sorcerors, magic, war and violence. I have no answer for her. Advice?

    Love your blog. You seem to be an exceptionally bright guy, which is why I’m writing. Kind of new to this blog thing too.

  2. Laz says:

    Thanks for your readership and your comment.

    I understand where your sister is coming from. When my sister converted she attempted to convert me and I resisted her attempts to do so, vehemently in some instances. Of course, people don’t convert people, God does. All he asks us to do is to go and tell others about Christ not to convert them, that is His responsibility.

    As far as I understand, Narnia and LOTR are Christian allegories. How do I know? Well for starters, their respective authors were devout men. The same cannot be said of Mr. Pullman or Ms. Rowling. This is not to say of course, that they are not gifted writers but as Christians we must be discerning as to the philosophy/worldview espoused by things we consume from the culture.

    Pullman is confused about who Christ is and Rowling’s books glorify something which explicitly forbidden to Christians.

    I’ve actually blogged about this here,
    “Aslan, Harry Potter, Frodo and the Force”

    I thought the first comment was a hoot, mainly because of the judgmental way in which the reader asked me to stop passing judgment. I have the nagging suspicion that guy still reads this blog.

  3. Timm says:

    New to Christ,

    Hate to say it, but this is the first of a lot of ridicule you’re going to get. I praise God for your conversion, but must warn you. The Bible doesn’t promise us a bowl full of peacges and cherries. It actually promises us a lot of trial and tribulation. (read first and second Peter.) Keep up the good work and do just as Laz says. Let the Spirit take care of the conversion. You just preach the good news.

    Good post Laz. I’ve been hearing things about the Golden Compass and keep meaning to look into it.

  4. Guna says:

    I sometimes think that we Christians are a little inconsistent in the movies we choose to watch.
    While I do disagree with watching movies that exalt the devil, and those that clearly and purposefully blaspheme God, the reality is there are many movies that contain anti-christian elements and teachings. movies that hide the reality of God in life and place the security and peace of the world in the hands of men. Of course this is to be expected. But christians have a choice : to watch, or not to watch.

    If we were to be more consistent with the what we watch and music we listen to, those against Christ will have one less thing to contend with christians, like what ‘new in christ’ has to deal with.

  5. Laz says:

    You’re right Guna. We tend to pick and choose what particular evils we will tolerate.

    Thank you for the convicting words.

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