Is this the End Result of Evolutionary Thought?


Based on conversations I’ve had with evolutionists (not counting in the blogosphere), I get the sense that they seem to think that humans are really nothing special.

We’re just primates that somehow got “lucky” and how dare we think that we’re worth more than any other creature on earth (see the shirt above). I’ve been told that I’m arrogant for thinking that there is a God who made humans in His Image and cares for us in any way.

The picture above came from this story, “The YouTube killer: eight die in schoolroom shooting massacre”.

According to the story the young man (Pekka-Eric Auvinen) in the picture killed 7 of his classmates and a principal from his school. The tragedy took place in Finland not in the United States, which unfortunately has seen its share of school shootings.

The article states that young Eric made a video (the source of the picture) in which he stated,

The chilling home-made video shows a young man staring out of a blood-red screen, pointing a gun and declaring: “I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit.”

While I will not say that Modern Evolutionary theory drove him to murder 8 people (human depravity plus a host of other factors did), are his actions the end result of a worldview which views humans as nothing more than self-contemplating matter?

Did this young man carry out this worldview to its logical conclusion?

This tragedy brings to mind a cartoon I saw a couple of years ago,


2 Responses to Is this the End Result of Evolutionary Thought?

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  2. JT says:

    This is a scary, scary thing. When you downgrade humans to the top of the brain chain only, and don’t recognize who we really are, you leave the doors open for people like this to justify their actions and or add to their views.

    It’s sick man.

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