Patriots-Colts, a Dualist’s Delight

In the worldview of the dualist, good and evil are locked in a titanic struggle, for what purpose, well who knows.

Not sure if Fox Sports’ Mark Kriegel is a dualist but he wrote a fascinating column (“Dungy, Belichick are polar opposites”) on Bill Belichick and Tony Dungy prior to this afternoon’s matchup between their teams, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, respectively.

A sample,

By kickoff time, Tony Dungy versus Bill Belichick will be shorthand for Good versus Evil.

Well using Mr. Kriegel’s terminology today, evil prevailed 24-20.

Something else Kriegel said grabbed my attention,

Whatever happens, Dungy will take it in stride. He has survived worse losses. In fact, he has survived the worst loss of all, the suicide of his teenage son in 2005. It’s a wonder anyone pulls through something like that. But you can’t help but cheer for those who do.

In Dungy’s case, he credits his faith. He’s devoutly religious, having once considered leaving football to run a prison ministry.

In the end, though, he’s a football coach — a great one, but also, a marked departure from the stereotype. “I’ve always coached the way I wanted to be coached,” he once said.

Not sure what the author’s worldview is but he is ignorant of Dungy’s (and my own) for I don’t think Christians “in the end” are __________ (fill in your profession).

Of course, I don’t fault Kriegel for not understanding, these things after all, are spiritually appraised.


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