Our Own Private Exodus

Why is the LORD bringing us into this land, to fall by the sword? Our wives and our little ones will become plunder; would it not be better for us to return to Egypt? — Numbers 14:3

This is what the Israelites said after God (or according Disney, Promenade Pictures) led them out of bondage in Egypt. They complained and whined despite of all the things God had done for them, mainly brought them out of slavery and promised them a land flowing with milk and honey.

Thanks be to God, the wife and I just bought our first home. This home has been an answer to many prayers from different people. This home became ours through what many would say an advantageous set of circumstances, we, of course, know that luck has nothing do with this or any other thing that happens in this universe.

It’s been a week since moving in (with the help of friends and family) and we have spent the better part of this last week complaining and griping about little things in the house that need work.

In moments of honesty we even started hoping we were back in our old apartment. My wife in her wisdom pointed out that we sounded like the Israelites after they were led out of Egypt.

As God’s promises were being fulfilled, we (like them) griped and complained as we enjoyed God’s provision and blessings. We thank God that He gave us this understanding to appreciate his bounty so we can use this home He has given us for His glory.

2 Responses to Our Own Private Exodus

  1. Guna says:

    I moved to my own home 2 years ago and I know how its like!
    Good reminder on being thankful. It does drive away the gripes!

  2. freevolition says:

    Hey, congrats on becoming new homeowners! Hubby and I bought an old (1929)farmhouse about 11 years ago and the stories I could write about our experiences while fixing it up could fill quite the cumbersome tome. 😛 We passed through the trials and tribulations of this experience, and exited the valley wiser than when we entered it, eyes shining with anticipation and expectations.

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