Muslims, Christians, and Peace

Caught this interesting headline from the U.K.:

Muslims tell Christians: ‘Make peace with us or survival of world is at stake’

Whether or not the statement (the focus of the above story) signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars was a veiled threat or not, I cannot say.

Here’s a part of the statement,

“As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them – so long as they do not wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them and drive them out of their homes.”

I thought it interesting since the policies of countries whose population is primarily “Christian” (i.e. America) grant Muslims more freedom to worship Allah than countries like Saudi Arabia, whose population is primarily Muslim, grant peoples who hold different convictions.

From what I understand one cannot bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia, it’s not hard to imagine the outrage that would result if the United States of America had a similar policy towards the Qur’an.

This is not to say that xenophobia and prejudice towards Muslims do not exist in the U.S.

Unfortunately they (xenophobia and bigotry) are alive and kicking here in the States and we must all work to improve on this. Yet this can be done without setting our convictions aside and accepting the Muslim belief that Jesus of Nazareth was not God Incarnate and that He didn’t actually die on the cross (they do, of course, rightly accept that Jesus was born of a virgin).

On this there can be no compromise, yet there is no need to resort to hatred or prejudice. On the contrary, we must love our neighbors (Muslim or not, Jesus doesn’t make a distinction) and share with them what Jesus has done on their behalf so that they may be spared the consequences of rejecting Him.

2 Responses to Muslims, Christians, and Peace

  1. JT says:

    Nice post, well said.

  2. healtheland says:

    “As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them – so long as they do not wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them and drive them out of their homes.”

    The Koran says differently. So do their many imams and clerics. These folks have a long tradition of saying one thing to the west in English and another thing amongst themselves in Arabic in their religious assemblies, on their TV stations, and in their schools. That is one way of looking at it. I mean, look at the Kosovo situation. These folks became too numerous for Greece, so they were expelled and went into Kosovo. Once they were there, they began to demand that Kosovo, who accepted them on a humanitarian basis and basically saved them from starvation, partition their country to give them their own Islamic state, because they did not want to be ruled by Christians. These folks have a habit of doing just that: going this place and that place and either attempting to make a nation wholly Islamic or try to create their own Islamic “state within a state.”

    A Muslim blogger was doing the old “Crusades” demagoguery thing, so I brought up the fact that the Crusades were actually defensive wars against the invading Moors and similar. His response? “The people of those countries asked us to come in and rule them because they wanted law and order.” After doing a bit of research, that is the common lie that they teach themselves: Muslim imperialism is not imperialism because “the people whom we brutally subjugated, raped, murdered, enslaved, etc. asked us to do it because they wanted order.” (Note that they never say “peace” or “freedom”, only “order.”) And as such, the people that oppose their imperialism are the ones that get labeled the imperialists!

    Should we hate or discriminate against Muslims on a personal level, or start wars against their nation without a cause? No, because the Bible speaks against such things. And yes, there are a lot of Muslims whose beliefs are disparate from what is recorded in their holy books, and interpretations of the call to “take the world for Islam, and use violence if necessary” vary. But the Koran does say what it says. And that is the difference between Islam and Christianity. There is nothing in Bible that justifies using violence or coercion to spread the faith. The warfare scriptures in the Old Testament do not apply to Christians, and even then God never told them to use conquest to forcibly convert or politics to subvert nations: Gold told them to either wipe nations out or leave them alone!

    However, most Muslims do not know that Protestant, Reformed, evangelical, etc. Christians consider the Bible to be the sum total of God’s revelation to man. The reason is that while they believe that the Koran supersedes the Bible, they have additional writings and teachings that have almost as much force as the Koran. I guess you can call it their version of “tradition.” Naturally, they think that our religion is the same as theirs. Also, Muslims are sort of unaware of the existence of secularism, there is no church/state separatism so to speak. So to them, they view America is a Christian nation. So when a leader of America opens his mouth, they believe that he is speaking for the RELIGION as well as the state, because that is what their leaders do, and they also believe that our leaders have the right to create, alter, or set our official religious tradition. And yes, many of them also believe that the pope speaks for all Christians. As a result, virtually no Muslims are aware that Christianity lacks the same imperative for imperialism and coercive conversion that their religion has, because they take the words and actions of our political and religious leaders to be part of or coming from our tradition.

    Informing them otherwise? Well first off, they are not going to believe us, no more than we believe them when they tell us that their religion is a religion of peace. They judge us by our actions, which obviously isn’t peaceful towards them. Second, even if they do believe us, that makes things worse. The Christian ideals of love, compassion, freedom, peace, etc. … well read the Koran and it is very impersonal, based on authoritarianism and discipline. They view our religion as weak, blame our religion for the degradation of our culture, and say that the weakness of Christianity itself is proof that the religion DESERVES to be destroyed. They also are VERY UPSET at how we depict Jesus Christ (whom they believe to be the second mightiest of prophets after Mohammed) as the gentle lamb that went to the cross. For them, we are taking their holy conquering mighty warrior – prophet and making him as weak and soft as you can imagine! They would like nothing better than to take a Christian and show him the “real Jesus” according to their religion!

    That is why you really have to wonder the mindset of any “Christian leader” that would be taken in by this nonsense to the extent to where they would sign such a thing. The only reason would be that their own theological, ideological, and political axes that they have to grind against the fundamentalists and theological conservatives and traditionalists of Christianity has them so angered or blinded that they actually think that anything good could come from sitting down, talking to, and signing agreements with these people. If anything, the situation with Israel ought to open their eyes. Virtually every Muslim nation that “officially” signed a peace agreement with Israel “unofficially” gives financial and political supports and arms to terror groups. Yet they still get international aid from the UN, the EU, the US, etc. on the terms of their peace treaties. Best case in point: Egypt. Oh how the left loves to talk about how Anwar Sadat signed a treaty with Israel and was assassinated for it under the Jimmy Carter regime. What they will never mention is that you can go to at any time and read how arms are being smuggled across the Egyptian border into Palestine on a continual basis, and the Egyptian government refuses to stop it (they alternate between denying that it is going on and claiming that they cannot stop it). Saudi Arabia? Same deal. Despite their “peace treaty” with Israel everyone knows that they are giving huge financial support to violent anti – Israel groups.

    It is no secret how these folks operate, yet these folks keep insisting that we need to sit down at the table and negotiate with Iran, Syria, Hamas, etc. and keep having these interfaith meetings and what have you, not because anyone thinks that they will work but rather because they have no other answers or solutions to offer. All they do is talk about how we need to negotiate so that they can appear to be more moral and righteous so that they can cast stones at and judge any westerner or Christian that refuses to negotiate. Meanwhile, Muslims and Arabs that refuse to negotiate (or refuse to comply with any agreement that they sign) get off scot free. When Nancy Pelosi took her little trip to Syria a few months back, did she at any time mention all of the treaties and agreements that Syria consistently breaks? Nope. All she did was castigate Bush for refusing to dialogue with Syria. Not that I am taking Bush’s side against Pelosi because I see them as six of one and half a dozen of the other, two sides of the same coin, just using it to make a point.

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