Kansas State Coaches Prepare for Texas

I thought Ron Prince deserved some more love from this dejected Longhorn. Here’s to you Coach for outsmarting the Texas coaching staff.


The folks over at Burnt Orange Nation play the part of fly-on-the-wall, as they lay out a hypothetical meeting of the Kansas State coaching staff in preparation for the Texas game.

Click here, definitely worth a read.

Hey, based on the ‘Horns performance what else is there to do for us fans but laugh?

4 Responses to Kansas State Coaches Prepare for Texas

  1. healtheland says:

    Ha ha ha. I was wondering what your take on this would be. Did you catch the 60 Minutes Interview of Vince Young?

  2. Laz says:

    Yes I did.

    I thought they painted a not so accurate portrait of him. A portrait of an arrogant prima donna when in all interviews that I’ve seen of him prior to this one he doesn’t come across like this. I suppose his professional success might have changed him a bit, who knows.

    Especially liked the bit about his mom “finding religion”. As if…

    Vince credits God with the turnaround in his life I wonder why 60 minutes didn’t talk about that?

  3. healtheland says:

    Laz: I must say that I find the media’s fascination with Young to be more than a bit odd. I hope that he is following Jesus Christ only, because I wonder if the media has some untoward purpose that they want to use him for. As for 60 Minutes … we know what they are all about, and it is certainly NOT Jesus Christ. Did you know that Vince Young’s cousin is the famous gospel singer Yolanda Adams?

  4. Laz says:

    That I did not know, though I did know that one of his uncles is named Major Adams.

    You’re right, VY is in a most advantageous position in terms of preaching the gospel to many who idolize him for his athletic exploits.

    We must pray for men such as this that they don’t get caught up but are able to give good testimony of He who saved them.

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