Kansas State does Texas, Again

What is it with Texas not being able to get over on Kansas State? For the second year in a row, Kansas State has beaten the Texas Longhorns. Except this time it was by 20 points (41-21) and in Austin.  Of some consolation is that at least this year, the ‘Horns have no realistic shot at a the National Title.

Congratulations to K-State Head Coach Ron Prince (pictured below) and his Wildcats, he obviously had his team ready to play, too bad the same cannot be said of Mack and the ‘Horns.

prince.jpg Getty Images

Blowout losses where one team is far better than the other I can stomach more than this type of loss. A loss in which the opponent scores 21 points (the difference + 1) on a kickoff return, a punt return, and an interception return.

Not only that but it’s hard to stay in a game in which your quarterback throws for 4 interceptions.

Vince Young was on hand, definitely could have used him in this one.

Even down by 20, it never felt like the ‘Horns were out of it with VY at the helm.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Vince’s superhuman talents masked the ineptitude of the Texas coaching staff.

Where is my 2006 Rose Bowl DVD? Usually watch the 4th Quarter after a game like today’s.

Is it John Chiles time in Austin?

It’s safe to say that the outcome of this game and this one, has taken some luster off next weekend’s Red River Rivalry.

2 Responses to Kansas State does Texas, Again

  1. Jason says:

    Laz, do you know if a HD version of the ’06 Rose Bowl exists?

  2. Laz says:

    That’s a good question Jason, did you watch the K-State game?

    It brought back bad memories of Michael Bishop scrambles and Mark Simoneau interceptions…

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