Gary Kubiak’s Finger-Crossing Prayer

While the hometown Houston Texans did not pull the upset (falling 30-24) against the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, the team played gallantly (again, within the context of the game).

The Texans were playing without Andre Johnson, their biggest play maker on offense, and lost several key players as the game progressed. That they only lost by 6 to such a potent team, tells the Texans faithful that their team is on the up and up (Yes football is this nation’s unofficial religion). By the way, thought I’d mention that Vince Young got over on Reggie Bush, again.

Texans defensive tackle, Cedric Killings, suffered a broken neck during the game. Thank God, it appears that he is going to be OK, by that I mean he won’t be paralyzed for the rest of his life. For a few scary minutes Killings lay motionless on the turf after using his head as a battering ram during kickoff coverage.

After the injury, several of his teammates did this,
Houston Chronicle

I’m not sure where Texans’ Coach Gary Kubiak stands on the sovereignty of God, but I thought the following quote was McCoy-esque in its import,

We’re just going to cross our fingers and say some prayers and hope that everything is going to be all right.

I take it Coach Kubiak isn’t a Calvinist…


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