Future Looks Bright for Vince Young and the Titans

I am an unabashed Vince Young guy, kind of have been since watching his crazy high school highlights on the local newscasts, you see I gravitate to running quarterbacks.

When it came out that he was going to The University of Texas (my alma mater) I had a feeling he was going to bring a title to Austin, and he did.

Frankly as big a VY guy that I am, I did not expect the things he has accomplished in the NFL.

The following column, “Watching Young play won’t grow old” is a good treatise on how bright this young man’s future looks, so long as he doesn’t go Vick’s route.

This from the column,

His stats look pretty ordinary — 14 completions and not even 200 yards —
but he wasn’t.

I’m guessing that’s aimed at his detractors who say VY is overrated and point to his pedestrian quarterback rating as proof. Nevermind that HoFer Johnny Unitas’ rating was 78.2.

I guess leadership doesn’t factor into the QB rating.


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