Henry the Sixth

Freshman running back James Henry is the sixth University of Texas football player to be arrested and charged with a crime since June.

According to this story, running back James Henry was arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of obstruction and tampering with evidence. He is also,

accused of beating up one of the victims of a July home invasion that allegedly involved two other players, Andre Jones and Robert Joseph.

I wonder what goes on in the minds of these guys. They are getting a free education, have access to the best UT has to offer (exhibit A, exhibit B).  Things which us the little people were barred from.  Is that athletes only cafeteria still there next to Jester Dorm?  To be sure, the overpriced slop we ate at Jester wasn’t served to the athletes in that other caf.  All these perks and yet they can’t stay out of trouble?

mack-brown.jpgGetty Images
Mack, is this is how you feel on the inside?


2 Responses to Henry the Sixth

  1. astudent says:

    “All these perks and yet they can’t stay out of trouble?”
    That is exactly why they get in trouble! They have been spoiled by everyone sense they began to play sports. It makes everyone else look good and make more money because they look good. Let a brat off every time they screw up and it only gives them license to become worse. Actually it is strange that more of them aren’t in trouble, or it could be that they just haven’t been caught.

  2. Laz says:

    Good point, a.

    You’re right, how is it that more of them don’t get in trouble? Could there be, as you imply, a massive cover up throughout the land?

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