Remembering Rout 66: The Lowest Point in Texas Football

The folks at Burnt Orange Nation brought back memories with this post:

“Never Forget”

To those UT fans who jumped on the bandwagon, believe it or not Texas was bad about 10 years ago. Not bad, but really bad. Yes, UCLA went into Austin and laid the wood to the Horns, 66-3.

Even worse, I was there and though I do not know why, I stayed the whole game. My friends (at least the ‘true’ UT fans) and I stuck it out to the excruciating end.

Why? Well, I believe the sophomoric rationale was (please bear with me, I’m paraphrasing):

Dude, when we return to prominence and win a national championship after Mackovic is fired, we will be able to hold our heads high and tell people, ‘We were there when we had it handed it to us, we were there at the lowest point of Texas football. Now where were you? Rooting for Notre Dame?

Well us being the prophetic voices that we were, Vince Young delivered the national title to Texas after the 2006 Rose Bowl and truly I can still hold my head up high and tell other Texas “fans” that I watched them get trounced by UCLA.

We would look down upon those who left that game at halftime and in our “infinite” wisdom proclaimed that those who left had no right to be called UT fans.

Ah, the wonder years… Cue up the Beatles

2 Responses to Remembering Rout 66: The Lowest Point in Texas Football

  1. Neil Aquino says:

    I was at Alamo Bowl game a few years back when Nebraska scored 66 points–either 65 or 66—against Northwestern. You sure do have to keep the ball moving to score all those points.

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