Mario Williams, the Legend Begins?

The NFL careers of Mario Williams, Reggie Bush, and Vince Young will forever be linked due to the fact that they were the first 3 players chosen in the 2006 Draft, and not without controversy.

This controversy centered around the Houston Texans passing on both Bush and Young to take the lesser known Williams with the first overall pick, will further solidify the bond these 3 share. As for the Texans making the best decision, only time will tell.

After last season, it seemed that the Tennessee Titans were ahead since they picked Young with the 3rd overall choice. Young went on to become last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.

I cataloged as much as possible, Mr. Young’s exploits, especially his inspired play against his hometown Texans. I would say New Orleans picking Bush is a close second, for Reggie was dazzling in the playoffs. Bringing up the rear would be the Texans who as noted above, picked Williams who had a sub par rookie campaign.

After one game (yes I know it’s one game) in the 2007 NFL season, Mario Williams outshone his Draft Day buddies. Bush had a dismal game on Thursday against the Colts, while Young, though his team won, had an ugly game on Sunday.

What did Mario do in the Texans’ impressive 20-3 win? He only had the best game of his young career (2 sacks, pictured below, and a 38-yard fumble return for a touchdown)


Could this be Mario Williams’ coming out party?

How about Mario having one more touchdown than Reggie Bush? (Vince, of course, ran for one)


2 Responses to Mario Williams, the Legend Begins?

  1. healtheland says:

    ha ha. Your Texans will go 2 – 0 against my Titans this year. Maybe the result will be our getting a new coach for Vince Young. Incidentally, the Houston Chronicle had this article about the McNairs giving $100 million to Baylor Hospital.

  2. Laz says:

    Actually, Heal, they’re not my Texans. Since I’m from Houston, I was an Oilers fan until they left, and since my fellow Longhorn Vince Young is now playing for that franchise, I’m rooting for Tennessee over the Texans.

    Hard to have loyalty to a team which started (even if it was in your hometown) up when you were already an adult. I never did get caught up with all this Texans fever, and they lost any chance of my support after the 2006 Draft.

    VY didn’t look good in the first game but the important thing is the “W”.

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