My Appalachian State Moment: Texas over Nebraska in ’96

These highlights never get old :

In keeping with the spirit of Appalachian State’s huge upset win over Michigan today, I reminisced about the inaugural Big 12 Championship Game between my unranked Texas Longhorns and the #3 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers.  This game up until the 2006 Rose Bowl was my favorite UT game which I have witnessed(either in person or on TV).

At the time, I was in my second year at Texas, living in Moore-Hill Dormitory.  On this day, a bunch of us got together to watch the UT-Nebraska game in the room of a good friend in Jester Dorm.

In the week leading up to it, none of us (as well as the rest of the college football world) expected our Longhorns to beat mighty Nebraska.  Throughout the week, we would joke around, “What if…” but come the morning of the game we were resigned to the ‘fact’ that Nebraska was going to crush Texas.

Needless to say, after the perfect execution of that 4th and inches call, which sealed the win for the Horns, we were jumping up and down like maniacs and greeting others in the floor, though we didn’t know them.  We only knew them through the elation of an underdog taking down a heavy favorite.

Hook ’em Horns


2 Responses to My Appalachian State Moment: Texas over Nebraska in ’96

  1. Narah says:

    I was in the Georgia Dome at band practice. They kept announcing the score updates. That game basically set Florida up in the National Championship game – an unthinkable rematch at the time with FSU. When the final score was announced, the whole band cheered for about 5 minutes, with several members actually playing the Texas fight song!

  2. Laz says:

    Great story Narah.

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