Appalachian State win over Michigan Brings Back Dorm Memories

Back in my college days, a good friend of mine owned a Super NES, surely an antique by now. Well, he only had a limited number of games and one of these games was Super Play Action Football. Needless to say, this game provided hours of entertainment for a cadre of dorm-ridden friends.

This game was primitive by today’s standards but it did feature pro and college teams. Since Nintendo did not have an NFL or NCAA license the teams were not named after the real teams (unlike the Madden series).

The guy who owned the game was so good at it that the rest of us (who were not) were allowed to pick his team while we would pick our own, usually the best teams. For example if we were playing college level, we would choose either “Nebraska” (University of Nebraska at Lincoln) or “Colorado” (University of Colorado at Boulder). Both of these teams had the “Triple Option”, a play which pretty much guaranteed a touchdown once the RB turned the corner. Why? Because every player in the Nebraska or Colorado backfield was almost Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson-esque.

Naturally for our friend, we would pick teams like “Spice” (Rice University), “Moldy Moss” (Bowling Green), “Fluke” (Duke), and Appalachia (Appalachian State). Predictably, our friend would still administer a beatdown seeming how he magically was able to stop the “Triple Option” and rack up the yards and the scores using inferior players.

Today’s HUGE upset brought back these memories as well as remind me as to why there is no other sport quite like NCAA College Football.


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