Naturalized Hispanics serving in the U.S. Border Patrol

Disclaimer: To those who oppose immigration (legal or illegal) on racist grounds, don’t use this post in support of your twisted worldview and if you claim to be Christian, please stop telling others that you are, for you drag His Name through the mud. Also, please keep in mind that unless you can prove to which Indian tribe you belong to, your ancestors were also immigrants.

The article also comes from the aforementioned, Rumbo.

“The Dilemma of the Naturalized Citizens in the Border Patrol”

It is the impression of many Mexicans who live in the U.S. (myself included) that when one crosses into the U.S. from México, the customs agents in charge of the checkpoints who are of Mexican descent tend to give Mexicans a harder time.

How so? Well they tend to send us for further inspection more often than their American (“White”) counterparts. While not a scientific study, I have observed this strange phenomenon.

The guys featured in the above article actually are in a more difficult position than the crossing guards. These guys actually have to stop and detain folks, often families, who have entered the U.S. illegally.

As one of the border patrol agents in the article, Marco Juárez, 23, originally from Tampico, states,

It is hard when you see small children, some are 2 years old and all scratched up who cross with their families… But I won’t let anything more happen to them [beyond deportation] because I am a Mexican and so are they

The article states that Agent Juárez came to the U.S. at age 10 and became a citizen in 2005, and a month after that submitted his application to the U.S. Border Patrol. He adds,

This [the U.S.] is now my country… I swore an oath to give this country my all, and this will not change just because [the undocumented] are Mexicans

Another agent, Camilio Garcia, age 30, who is from Venezuela said,

They [the folks they catch] tell us that they crossed to work and help their families, but when we run their names, sometimes it will come up that they committed theft in New York, or maybe stole a car in Boston; then one becomes more immune to their pleas

I am surprised that the left-leaning Rumbo did this kind of piece, but I wonder why people like Elvira Arellano get so much press and one has to go to an obscure Spanish-speaking weekly to read these kind of immigrant success stories?


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