Multi-Level Marketing Cactus Juice at Church


Who Knew?

Rumbo is a weekly Spanish-language publication serving the communities of Houston, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley. To anyone familiar with these areas, it is no surprise that such a publication would thrive there. Every Friday I pick up the week’s copy to keep abreast of happenings and issues which are of concern to the Spanish-speaking community.

Last week’s issue had an interesting story about Pastor Ramón Galvez. According to the article, which is in Spanish, Galvez is running a multi-level marketing operation (a.k.a. a pyramid scheme, MLM) from his church here in Houston. As with many MLMs, the peddled product(s) is a “magical” nutritional supplement, in this case cactus juice.

Cactus Juice. According to Galvez, this miracle elixir,

attacks diabetes, cholesterol, impotency, and it’s also for weight loss.

While I don’t think the weight loss is in reference to one’s wallet, as with other MLMs this is indeed what is the consequence. It seems that in an attempt to work less and make more, the opposite occurs, one works more and makes less, except for Galvez and others who sit at the top of these pyramid schemes.

Galvez is a quote machine and to the surprise of absolutely no one preaches a distorted gospel, one familiar to most, the “health and wealth” Gospel. Basically, God wants us to be healthy and wealthy and if we aren’t then we don’t have enough faith (the current poster boy is Joel Osteen who “preaches” here in Houston). I wonder how Osteen and Galvez handle passages such as this and this?Some of these misguided souls preach that being poor is a sin.

Here is some of Galvez’ wisdom:

In reference to why he didn’t attend seminary,

In seminary they kill you [due to the dogmatic theology they teach you]

In reference to whether or not he peddles his cactus juice from the pulpit, which he doesn’t anymore because,

there are people who say that I shouldn’t mix these things [peddling and preaching]. I don’t share their opinion

Finally, in reference to the point of all this,

The idea is to make money, for us and for our community

This whole time I thought it was about going out and making disciples, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


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