Elvira Arellano Shows Her True Colors

In this video, recently deported Mexican national Elvira Arellano speaks at a press conference in México City. This after addressing the Mexican Congress (this is my translation of it),

to seek the support of the Mexican Congress, so that this country [México] pushes more forcefully the immigration accord between the [U.S. and México]

During the press conference, Arellano makes a puzzling statement (again my translation),

The United States was the one who violated the the laws first. Why? By allowing undocumented people [this is said in 1st person plural] to go there, by allowing to receive our taxes

I’m confused. So we come over here from Mexico, some do so illegally and thus break U.S. immigration law but it’s the United States who breaks the law because it demands people (who according to U.S. immigration law should be deported) who are pulling an American paycheck to pay taxes?

Taxes which pay for services which all people who reside (legally or illegally) in these United States use and well sometimes, abuse.

It’s beginning to become increasingly clear that Arellano’s “plight” is nothing more than an old song, the refusal to take personal responsibility, in a new key.

I would hate to think that this woman speaks for the majority of my fellow countrymen residing (legally or illegally) here in the United States.


8 Responses to Elvira Arellano Shows Her True Colors

  1. jonolan says:

    She does speak for them. There’s a huge gimme-gimme-gimme movement in Latin America all crying out for the US to give them a free ride.

  2. Laz says:

    She doesn’t speak for me and for a second let us not pretend that a “huge gimme-gimme-gimme movement” is not also endemic here in the States.

    For that matter is that attitude not the natural inclination of the human heart?

  3. jonolan says:

    It’s obvious you don’t feel that way. I was responding to you hope that she didn’t represent the majority of your countrymen.

    The gimme-gimme attitude is endemic in all societies that have fallen prey to the evil of guiltism.

  4. Robert Iza says:

    The case of Elvira Arellano puzzles me. Why turn Arellano into a postergirl of immigration reform? She is at the very least insensitive to the interest that we all have in our system of government. How any sensible person of good will promoting immigration would use
    her as an example of those we should open our doors to is beyond my ken. Mrs Arellano
    is a nightmare.

  5. mklasing says:

    Why has the entire world gone mad??? It is illegal to come into this Country without authorization. If you are here illegally you should be prosecuted. I don’t care if you are Mexican, German, Italian, Martian—if we do not enforce the laws of our Country then kaos is right around the corner. Mr. President, Members of Congress–get out the wagons, round up the illegal citizens, strengthen our borders and then allow whoever wishes to follow our laws to come in and live the American dream–speaking English, paying taxes and assisting the building of our Nation.

    When I was a prosecutor I regularly called INS when someone had committed a crime in Texas and I discovered they were also here illegally–man I wish I could still do that.


  6. Matt says:

    I have a question. Is there a law that states a church can be a sanctuary? I mean if I murder someone and hole up in a church, does that mean that the cops can’t come in and get me? Is it only a sanctuary for immigration matters?

  7. Laz says:

    Matt, that is a good question. In another post, I wondered if Michael Vick can seek sanctuary in a church.

  8. jonolan says:


    No, there is no basis under US law for churches granting sanctuary to criminals. It is a long standing tradition though; by long standing I mean close to 2K years.

    Technically law enforcment could go right in and take a criminal out of a church, but they rarely do so due to political and social consequences. Note: as of 2005 priests can not be charged for harboring illegal aliens though those aliens can be arrested and deported.

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