Tom Brady speaks of “God’s Decision”

Kurt Warner, who is born again, has taken some flak for publicly professing Christ, especially when he uttered the name of He-who-must-not-be-named (unless in a curse) after winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

Now I understand that the statement “I believe in God” is  devoid of any significant meaning, for there are probably as many conceptions of the god believed in as there people. More often than not, the god spoken of is nowhere near the One and Only Living God, who has revealed Himself through Scripture as well as in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Tom Brady, who by the way beat Warner’s Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, wants to be present for the birth of his child with Bridget Moynahan. While this story mostly deals with that and as well as rumors of Brady marrying current girlfriend Gisele Bündchen*, I thought the last couple of sentences were interesting:

‘I’m certainly going to get there, and try to be there for the birth, it will be a great experience,’ he said.

Brady added that he has no idea when the momentous occasion will actually take place.

‘Oh, no. I wish I did. I told you that’s God’s decision. That’s the Good Lord that’s making that call. I think everybody’s anxious. I’ll put it that way.’

Has anyone ever heard Brady publicly invoke God for anything? I hope this may be the first step in Brady coming to a saving faith of the Lord Jesus Christ (of course, if he hasn’t already)

*I hope that this blog does not, in the words of Dale Gribble, turn “into Melrose Place”


3 Responses to Tom Brady speaks of “God’s Decision”

  1. Neil Aquino says:

    I saw Albert Pujols gesture up towards God three times a few nights ago. He did that once after each of his three singles.

    Mr. Brady has talked about running for office as a Republican at some point. Thats’ all I know.

  2. Laz says:

    Pujols is born again, as he states here.

    I’d never heard that about Brady.

  3. Nicky says:

    I read an article about Brady’s father who is a devout Catholic evangelist and he said that his son also had come to faith although he was not a part of any Church

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