Public Lashings in Iran, One Way to Curb Drunk Driving?

I tend to stop by the Drudge Report at least once a day, for Matt Drudge posts the most interesting stories.

Found this one titled, “Rough justice: 80 lashes for ‘immoral’ Iranian who abused alcohol and had sex” from the U.K.’s Daily Mail (Warning: not for the squeamish). What the headline does not tell you (though the story does, though of course, the word “fornication” is predictably left out) is that the man was accused of fornication (sex outside of marriage) not merely “having sex”,  2 different things.  I shudder to think how this government punishes homosexuals.

Inevitably as is the case with an event which is not very likely to occur here in the States, I asked the question, what if it did? [No, I’m not advocating or pining for it]

I’m guessing that as with car accidents, people would gather together and watch the spectacle, they did in Iran and as we all know, people are people.

Such a policy, besides directly affecting the untold millions of Americans who abuse alcohol and/or fornicate, would also affect a particular group of especially reviled people (until we join the sorry bunch): drunk drivers.

According to MADD, in 2006 there were 17,602 alcohol-related fatalities on American roadways. This constituted 41% of the total number of people killed in automobile crashes in that year.

For the record when I consumed alcohol, I did it. I drove under the influence, stupid, I know. I even got pulled over once but the officer let me go since I was less than a block away from my place. Thanks be to God that in my stupidity and irresponsibility I did not hurt anyone else other than myself.

My inability/reluctance to responsibly consume alcoholic beverages was the reason which after being born again, I was convicted and helped by the Holy Spirit to abstain completely from alcohol. Perhaps one day in the future I will again partake but seeming how I’ve been fine without it for 4 years, I don’t see a good enough reason to do so again.

Back to the public lashings, if this were the punishment awaiting convicted drunk drivers here in the States, would this drop the number of alcohol-related fatalities?

[Also in the story is the revelation that “Earlier this year, a man was flogged after a copy of the Bible was found in his car”. So much for respect for “People of the Book”. Given how allergic the leaders of Iran are to common sense, much less Truth Himself, I do not find this the least bit surprising for those in darkness will do everything within their measly powers to remain in this condition, I sure did.]


4 Responses to Public Lashings in Iran, One Way to Curb Drunk Driving?

  1. Sounds like a good idea. Although it would probably be seen as cruel and unusual punishment.

    It has the additional added benefit of being actually a punishment to rich people like Paris Hilton (the fine for drunk driving for her is nothing), and does not hurt the spouses and families of poor drunk drivers, who might find themselves unable to pay the bills after the legal costs mount.

  2. jonolan says:

    1) Lashings are good punishments for many crimes! pain plus public humiliation equals deterence.

    2) Homosexuality is in Iran is punishable by 100 lashes for the first 3 offenses. The punishment for a 4 time offender is death by stoning.

    3)The man flogged for carrying a bible was a foreigner carrying a bible wwritten in either arabic or farsi. Trying to convert Iranians away from Islam is a crime is Iran. Apostacy – converting away from islam – is a seperate crime and is punishable by death by stoning.

  3. Laz says:

    I wish that the folks who cry that the U.S. is a theocracy or on its way to becoming one (I’ve had it said to my face) would consider what a theocracy is really like before making statements like that.

    By the way, where did you get your data?

  4. jonolan says:


    The laws pertaining to homosexuality are found in “Islamic Penal Code of Iran, Article 108-134”.

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