From 1994: Vice-President Dick Cheney on the Consequences of an Invasion of Iraq following the First Gulf War

Please understand that the point of this post is not to debate whether or not we should or should not have gone into Iraq. This has been, I think, debated extensively in the media, around the water cooler, at the dinner table, within academia and in other avenues of intelligent and not so intelligent thought and/or opinions. It can be truly said that perhaps nothing new can be added to this debate.

This morning, a co-worker (who has been opposed to the Iraq War from the beginning due in large part to a personal animus towards President Bush) came to and pointed me to the following video:

I post this video with the understanding that perhaps the situation back in 1991 was different than the situation prior to the current War in Iraq.

Has Vice President Cheney addressed what he said back in 1994, in light of the current war in Iraq?

Let the discussion begin, but remember that context is king.


4 Responses to From 1994: Vice-President Dick Cheney on the Consequences of an Invasion of Iraq following the First Gulf War

  1. osipov says:

    I listened to this recently . . . amazing isn’t it?? Since you don’t want us debating the right/wrong of the war – how do you want us to respond?

  2. Laz says:

    Thank you for your comment. Well for starters, besides 9/11 what do you think changed from 1994 to 2003?

    If you were the Veep, and were asked about this footage how might you respond?

    And, by all means, if you think you have something fresh and coherent to add to the debate, please feel free.

  3. Neil Aquino says:

    Come on–Just tell us the war stinks. As Senator Goldwater would have said—In your heart you know I’m right.

  4. Laz says:

    Yeah the war stinks, or I like what Gen. Sherman said, “War is Hell”.

    The question must be, as with any war, is it worth the cost?

    For the best perspective it might be fair to ask those who are the most involved, mainly the Iraqis (who undoubtedly are suffering the worst) and the soldiers (who put their lives on the lines).

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