Does Vince Young really belong on an NFL All-Current team?

Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young had an outstanding rookie season last year. While his passing numbers were not gaudy by any stretch of the imagination, VY seemingly willed his team to the brink of the playoffs (I know the Titans’ D and Travis Henry helped). This led him to be selected to the Pro Bowl, and has somewhat justified the Titans picking him with the 3rd pick of the 2006 draft over Matt Leinart.

I am a Vince Young fan mainly because we both attended the University of Texas, and he delivered my alma mater’s first national title in more than 30 years. Had he not played a down after the 2006 Rose Bowl, his legacy as a Texas sports legend would have been cemented nonetheless.

A recent infraction of team rules aside, VY is a character guy who doesn’t seem to find himself in the police blotter. He credits God with his talent and appears to be a man of faith, and kids could do a lot worse when picking sports heroes, unless they look up to elusive NFL QBs who allegedly participate in dog fighting.

All this being said, I came upon a feature on which is about “Dream Teams”. 3 of their writers, representing each of the major U.S. sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football), picked 3 Dream Teams each: All-Time Team, All-Current Team, All-Future Team.

Peter King, SI’s football writer, picked Vince Young for the All-Future Team to no one’s surprise. VY seems to be headed in that direction. What was shocking was that King picked Vince as the 3rd quarterback on the All-Current team.

Now, like I said earlier, I like VY and my wife is somewhat disturbed at the “man-crush” I may or may not have on my fellow Longhorn, but does he really belong on the All-Current Team?

Agree? Disagree?


7 Responses to Does Vince Young really belong on an NFL All-Current team?

  1. Yeah, I’m not so sure that he belongs on the all current team, but one thing is for sure.. He is going to be great. I was getting kind of bothered that the media is making him out to be somewhat of a trouble maker or not a team leader. So what, if he got in a scuffle in training camp. There is a scuffle in training camp almost everyday, and it happens in all levels in football. Believe it or not, those type of things are good for the team, especially in Young’s case being that he was standing up for a teammate. The only bad judgement Young has made is the recent hotel incident. That’s it. Young is on the right track and will only become a better player and a better leader.

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  3. Laz says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    About that scuffle, was that not awesome how he got in that guy’s grill?

    Though I live in Houston, I cheered for the Titans when they played the Texans, and was thrilled in that OT game last year when VY ended it with that run, amazing.

    The Texans could have had him, oh well…

  4. tsos20 says:

    He is in the top 3 fantasy quarterbacks because of his running. He is not in the top 3 NFL quarterbacks, yet. Peyton Manning is#1, Drew Brees is#2 and Tom Brady is #3.
    The Sultan on Sports

  5. Laz says:

    Thanks for the comment. Though I cannot say whether or not he’s top 3 fantasy or not, I was referring to this “All-Current NFL Team” compiled by NFL writer Peter King, who might know a thing or 2 about other QBs.

    I was just wondering why Mr. King (knowing what he knows) would grant VY this honor at this stage of his young career.

  6. Neil Aquino says:

    I went to Xavier U. in Cincinnati which has no football team. I’m glad about that because I don’t like all the violence. I don’t think Jesus would have played footabll.

  7. Laz says:

    Ah, yes, football and “WWJD”… I’ve heard this before. Whether or not He, during his earthly ministry, would have partaken in such a sport I cannot say (I’ll be sure to ask Him when I see Him face to face, though I doubt I’ll be concerned with such trivial matters when the time comes) but is your rationale behind saying that He wouldn’t have?

    [Set aside the narcissistic lifestyle to which many current NFLers are enticed into]

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