Dealing with the Skeptic, according to Spurgeon

Nothing new under the sun…

A sceptic challenges me with the remark, ‘I cannot pin my faith to a book or a history; I want to see present facts.’ My reply is, ‘You cannot see them, because your eyes are blinded; but the facts are there none the less. Those of us who have eyes see marvelous things, though you do not.’ If he ridicules my assertion, I am not at all astonished. I expected him to do so, and should have been very much surprised if he had not done so; but I demand respect to my position as a witness to the facts, and I turn upon the objector with the inquiry — ‘What right have you to deny my evidence? If I were a blind man, and were told by you that you possessed a faculty called sight, I should be unreasonable if I railed at you as a conceited enthusiast. All you have a right to say is — that you know nothing about it, but you are not authorized to call us all liars or dupes. You may join with the revilers of old and declare the spiritual man is mad, but that does not disprove his statements.

(H/T: Tim Ellsworth, originally posted here)


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