Hedonism ties to Cancer, and more…

You cannot make men good by law… CS Lewis

According to this story, studies show (that phrase again) that at least in the UK,

Excessive sunbathing, obesity, binge drinking and smoking have been linked to spiraling rates of cancer, according to a new cancer charity study.

Well poke me in the eye and call me Nigel. I think most everyone knows that at least smoking and sunbathing cause cancer. As for the other 2 listed hallmarks of a hedonistic lifestyle, I can see it though these studies seem to find a definitive cancer connection.

Some insight into human nature is warranted. Back in the day when I was binge drinking and smoking a pack a day, was I ignorant that there are certain health risks with these activities? Of course not, I was well aware of the impact these vices have on one’s health.

The public knows that fast food is not good for you, yet the folks who own these establishments are swimming in profits.

Why do we do things which are not beneficial to us? We know what we ought to do but we don’t do it. Yes I know, it’s human nature, rather it’s fallen human nature.

The Lewis quote is relevant here when cities take measures to curb things like trans-fats, cigarette smoking, plastic bags, and bottled water. City governments make laws to prevent people from using these things period or in certain places, for the people’s own sake, of course.

The problem is that these laws are ineffectual in changing our point of view on whether we should use things such as these or not. We might obey the law so as not to get in trouble but our point of view may remain the same and no real change occurs (of course, if all we’re interested in is the outward actions and not in the outer display of real internal change, then we would be content to stop here but as Christians such contentment is inexcusable.)

[Stories such as these have helped me immensely in understanding Biblical passages such as Romans 7:5-13.]


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