Jesus and His Main Thing

According to Woodrow Kroll,

And the main thing of the Gospel is not putting clothes on another person’s back–as important as that is, and as often as Jesus did that. The main thing is not healing the sick–as important as that is, and as often as Jesus did that. It’s not feeding the poor; it’s not giving sight to the blind; it’s not creating a better environment for sinners to sin in.

The main thing–and the reason Jesus came according to Luke 19:10 is–The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” That’s the main thing. Any time we enhance technology and forget what the main thing is all about–we don’t use that technology to tell people that there is a Savior and that their sin has separated them from God but God has bridged that gap through His Son Jesus, paid the penalty for our sins–any time we don’t use our technology to say that thing, then we’ve allowed what is secondary to become the main thing for us.

I’ve heard similar sentiments from other Christian teachers regarding other Christians who got involved with the One Campaign.

Basically the sentiment went something like this: even if the hungry were hungry no more, even if the poor were not destitute any longer they would still be as lost as they were before their earthly situation improved.



2 Responses to Jesus and His Main Thing

  1. ionatan says:

    I’m a Christian writer, a poet of Crist. I have s little In English section of Christian poetry on my blog:
    Do you want te see it? Thank you and God bless you.

  2. JT says:

    It has been a long argument between being evangelical minded and being charity minded as a church. Obviously, salvation needs to be preached, but I also think that it also needs to be practiced.

    On top of that, should be showing our love to our brethern in Christ. That was how people were supposed to recognize us.

    And, Jesus, through his ministries, showed us that the poor are less likely to be consumed with how awesome their stuff is, and be more responsive to the gospel. They are thirsty for hope,

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