Vince Young is #5 on SI’s Top 10 Athletes at Texas?!?!

I saw this Photo Gallery over at and fully expected Vince Young to top the list. Nope, he was #5 and the people ahead of him are,

  1. Roger Clemens (College Baseball?!? Pingggggggg!!!)
  2. Earl Campbell (Won the Heisman but c’mon, VY won the national title)
  3. Ricky Williams (Also won the Heisman and that 60 yard run to break the rushing record [I was there!] was one for the ages)
  4. Cat Osterman (OK my fellow Houstonian has some sick stats but softball? Any sport in which someone can throw 20 no-hitters and 10 perfect games in 4 years, needs to be looked at, but then again she is amazing)

Sorry Vince Young should have topped this list, maybe it’s because the 2006 Rose Bowl is still too fresh on my mind.

Hook ’em Horns


2 Responses to Vince Young is #5 on SI’s Top 10 Athletes at Texas?!?!

  1. jshuler43 says:

    Well, in regards to professional career, I can see how Clemens and Campbell tops Vince at this stage. But in regards to what he did for his university, Vince tops the list. This guy delivered the national championship almost single handedly.

    I had read that Texas was retiring Durant’s number, but not Vince’s. Is this possible?

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