The State of Religion in Europe

Ravi Zacharias’ lecture at Columbia University is again the source of the following,

When you look, for example, at the European scene. Europe is living under an illusion that it is expelling religion.

Nature abhors a vacuum, Europe will not be irreligious for long, another religion will take over and completely change their culture.

And the reason is: the religion that was given by choice is being evicted, until a religion that probably doesn’t give them a choice will take over.

Prince Charles has said when he becomes the monarch, he is going to be calling himself “The Defender of the Faiths” rather than “Defend of the Faith”.

Well, if that is what he is going to do, England is going to have to rethink what its future is going to look like.

France is in trouble that way, Germany is in trouble that way.

I speak to a Swiss individual on a daily basis and he has echoed Ravi’s words regarding Islam in Europe.   Any European concur in Zacharias’ assessment?


2 Responses to The State of Religion in Europe

  1. tro says:

    I suggest to visit the site of “French Politics” which shows a documentary by Al-Jazeera on Marseilles. Think about the concept of “cultural Muslim” instead of “religious Muslim”: 68% of Muslims favour laicity (choice)… every religion arriving in france becomes a culture, and gradually disappears from the public life, and for the oldest, from life altogether. (most Catholics report to be such, but do not practice, do not know the rites…) This point of view lacks fundamental understanding of the social problems in the countries mentioned: the problems are poverty and racism, the very same problems encountered by the polish in the UK, the Italians in France at the turn of the last century, and so on. The problem with the statement is that it does not understand the difference between culture and religion, the importance of philosophical thinking in France even today (philo is traditionally the first exam sat for the Baccalauréat…), and importantly, the importance of the Greek and Roman classical heritage is the complete western European culture. Just remember the portal of the Palace of the Doge of Venice, this most Catholics of city state: guarded by the Roman gods Mars and Neptune. These were not remnants of underground religion, but trademarks, logos: the Doge wore Mars as a mark of power, as a football player wears Nike boots: as a sales pitch. The Renaissance reinvented Rome, its cults became its culture: nobody prayed the Venus, but Milo sure made her sexy. Today’s Catholicism does not even have this luxury: it certainly does not get quoted anywhere in modern culture.

  2. Laz says:

    Tro, thank you for your input and European perspective.

    68% might be accurate but what of the other 32%?

    Is it true that there are certain Muslims in the UK which want sharia law in the places where they live?

    If so, how much “disappearing” will take place in such a region?

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