The Emergent Church makes it to Townhall, part 2?

Frank Pastore who wrote a critique of the Emergent Church over at Townhall, writes another column on this movement titled,
“Outing the Emergents With Three Questions”

Apparently Pastore received “disapproving e-mails” from “postmodern emergents” in response to his first column, provocatively titled “Why Al Qaeda Supports The Emergent Church”.

In his current column, Pastore outlines the research he did on the Emergent Church and how he used said research to write his first column.

Also he raises 3 questions to ask Emergents and closes with this,

Bottom line: I’ve never come across an emergent that is a political and social conservative, let alone a theological conservative. This whole movement isn’t about reaching the world for Christ. It’s about advancing a liberal social and political agenda in the name of Christianity. Don’t fall for it.  (emphasis mine)

Wow, this is going to ruffle some more feathers.


2 Responses to The Emergent Church makes it to Townhall, part 2?

  1. Doug Pagitt says:

    it may be feather ruffling, but it totally void of accuracy.
    There are many, many social or political conservatives in the emergent effort, cripes I am one.
    This simply shows that these arguments are formed in a vacuum of reality.
    Honestly, it is embarrassing, or I would think it ought to be.

  2. Laz says:

    Have any social or political conservatives within the emergent effort tried to contact Pastore to let him now ya’ll are there?

    I seriously cannot remember the last time I heard/read the word “cripes”.

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