Another Former “Atheist” on current “Atheists”

Professor Marvin Olasky of the University of Texas (Hook ’em Horns) has written a column in which he describes the motivation behind the flourish of books written by fundamentalist atheists (Olasky mentions Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens).

In Professor Dawkins’ defense, by his own admission (around 7 minutes and 38 seconds)

God is highly unlikely, highly improbable, but I’m not absolutely confident that there is no God, no sane person could really say with absolute certainty that there isn’t anything you can’t say with absolute certainty that there is no flying spaghetti monster [LOL] and that ‘s the sort of agnostic that I am…

he is not an atheist but an “agnostic of sorts”. In this at least the man is not totally deluded, though it is unclear how one can be agnostic and call what one is agnostic about a “delusion”. As for the other 2 Biblical fools, well I’m not aware that they have made this sort of concession.

Dr. Olasky is truly a gifted writer and his last 2 paragraphs are priceless,

So why, despite the evidence, are authors such as Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens so doctrinaire in their denunciations? Alister and Joanna Collicutt McGrath offer a reason in their book, “The Dawkins Delusion”: “Until recently, Western atheism had waited patiently, believing that belief in God would simply die out. But now a whiff of panic is evident. Far from dying out, belief in God has rebounded ”

So pity the atheists: They’re cornered and desperate. But God can break through and change their lives and thinking, as He changed mine in the 1970s when I was saying what Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens say.


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  1. jonpaulwitt says:

    Had a quick look at your blog.

    Take Care, from a UK brother

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