Arrested Development, lyrics worthy of the beat

Hip-hop group Arrested Development had a couple of big hits back in the mid 90s (my teenage years). One of these hits was “Tennessee”, which had not only insightful lyrics but an irresistibly catchy beat.

[Speaking of catchy beats is that not what draws some Christians to listen to some of the worst filth that is produced by the music industry? In speaking with some of the youth at our church, it seems that they could listen to a song which curses their father, their mother, themselves, denigrates females to the nth degree, and stands against everything they profess to believe yet they will listen to such a song because they “like the beat”. The message of any song, it seems, is ingested because of the perceived supremacy of the “beat”.]

Back to Arrested Development, yes their music has catchy beats but as “Tennessee” came up on Launch Radio this morning I listened to the lyrics carefully for the first time and gleaned the following nugget,

I know you’re [God] supposed to be my steering wheel
Not just my spare tire

How often do we view God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, as our “spare tire”? To be used only during a crisis?


2 Responses to Arrested Development, lyrics worthy of the beat

  1. mandythompson says:

    LOL! wow… i listened to that song a hundred times in highschool— but NEVER heard that part – incredible!

  2. Nice! Have to go look up my old CD somewhere…

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