More Animal Cruelty, this time it’s a kitten

As stated in the Michael Vick post, I do not like dogs. This however does not mean that I revel or rejoice when they are treated in a cruel manner, we humans have stewardship of animals after all.

This story however is utterly heartbreaking to me personally because it involves a cat, not just a cat but a kitten. I love cats and predictably I prefer them over dogs thus it’s really tough to read about this kind of thing.

Apparently 2 teenage girls allegedly doused a 3-month old kitten with a “flammable liquid” and set him on fire. When I was in junior high several of my classmates (no doubt dog-lovers) schemed and plotted to do terrible things to cats. Things like shave them or sticking them in microwaves.

To this day I don’t understand why cats are targeted for this kind of barbarity. On a side note, we can all agree that what these girls allegedly did is blatantly wrong and despicable, right?

How would you explain to them that what they allegedly did is despicable? On what grounds?


One Response to More Animal Cruelty, this time it’s a kitten

  1. healtheland says:

    Being cruel to animals is a sin. But so is loving animals more than people, which is where our society is headed:


    Robots Gaining Rights While Abortion Culture Kills Babies!

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