Can Michael Vick elude charges?

My fascination with the running quarterback started early, when I began to follow American football, that is when my family moved to this country. In the NCAA I remember guys like Tony Rice, Darian Hagan, Tommy Frazier, Charlie Ward who in reality probably weren’t the great quarterbacks I thought them to be.

In the NFL, to me Randall Cunningham was the man (one cannot discount Doug Flutie). No one could convince me that he was not the greatest QB EVER. His Houdini-like ability to elude pass rushers and blitzers wowed my young impressionable mind. If I was ever to play professional football I was going to model my game after men such as him. Unfortunately genetic constraints dampened these aspirations.

Then of course, in more recent times Michael Vick epitomized the running quarterback. The 1999 National Title game against Florida State was the ultimate coming out party. Of course, my fellow Longhorn Vince Young took the nation by storm with his sick game. His coming out party was of course the 2005 Rose Bowl against Michigan and he then topped it with the 2006 Rose Bowl against USC (a game I never get tired of watching). Young continues his excellence in the next level as he won the Rookie of the Year last season and can only get better.

Back to Vick, who has never really fulfilled his potential in the NFL for whatever reason, he faces some pretty serious charges mainly to do with dogfighting, a thoroughly despicable ‘sport’.

I admit it, I do not like dogs and it probably has something to do with being chased (at age 5) around my aunt’s house by a large slobbering German Shepherd. The observed veneration which people here in America have for their dogs probably has also contributed to my dislike.

However, what Vick is charged with doing is despicable. How anyone can justify pitting 2 animals to kill each other is beyond my ability to understand, though of course greed and pride can lead people to do despicable things. I’m sure that gambling has nothing to do with this ‘sport’.


3 Responses to Can Michael Vick elude charges?

  1. healtheland says:

    Charlie Ward: Not a running quarterback, but a passing QB that could scramble. Sorta like Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and John Elway when they were young. The guy would have been very good in the NFL, but he chose basketball instead. It was a huge racial controversy at the time, but he made it clear to the NFL not to draft him, and they took a huge PR hit respecting his wishes. Tommie Frazier was one of the best players in the history of college football at any position. Tony Rice was so good that this Miami rapper, Luther Campbell, offered thousands of dollars to any Miami player that would injure him and knock him out of the game. Darian Hagan wasn’t in the class of those two. As far as Michael Vick goes, Virginia Tech didn’t run the offense that he needed to showcase his skills, so we will never know how good he would have been. Come to think of it, the same is true of his NFL career, which he has now thrown away based on his own criminal activities. Oh well. Vince Young? You know … I never actually saw him play except for early in his career when he was horrible. Rumor has it that he turned out pretty good though 🙂

  2. Laz says:

    I forgot about Elway, he had some classic scrambles. Another name to add would be Steve Young, how could we forget the ‘other’ Young?

  3. healtheland says:

    Laz: Oh yeah. Forgot about Steve Young! I never saw much of him in college or in his early NFL and USFL career, though, only with the 49ers. They say that early in his career he wasn’t much of a passer.

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